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Sending a Postcard from Liechtenstein – prices to send abroad and post offices

Liechtenstein, a country definitely worth to send a postcard from! But, is there even a state postal service, are there multiple post offices, and, most importantly, what’s the price to send a postcard from Liechtenstein? To ease your daring questions, it’s easier than you might imagine.

Where to buy your stamps in Liechtenstein

Wherever you’re buying your postcard, ask for stamps. It’s quite usual for those places selling stamps as well. If they do not sell international ones or have temporarily run out of, they can for sure tell you the location of the next selling point of the post office!

Post offices in Liechtenstein (Vaduz and smaller towns)

There are actually several post offices spread around the small country. As you, as a tourist in Liechtenstein, are probably in the “touristy areas”, such as Vaduz or Malbun, find here now the addresses of offices in those towns:

Vaduz: St├Ądtle 38, 9490 Vaduz (closed on Sundays)

Triesenberg, near Malbun: Schlossstrasse 5, 9497 Triesenberg (closed on Sundays)

Costs of a stamp for a postcard/letter in Liechtenstein – national (including Switzerland), international and over-sea

Now on to the most crucial part, and why you are probably reading this blog post currently: what’s the price for the postcard I want to send from Vaduz or Malbun or … home? As in other countries, such as Italy or the US, this depends on the country you want to send the postcard or letter to. As the national currency of Liechtenstein is the Swiss Franc, the following prices are in this currency. However, at most places, you can also pay with Euros in Liechtenstein, or with a card, so don’t worry if you have already spent all your CHF ­čśë

Postcards to Liechtenstein and Switzerland

A-Post 1 CHF
B-Post 0,85 CHF

So the crucial difference between A- and B-Post is the duration of delivery. A-Post is the prioritized postage and is usually delivered the next working day, B-Post is a bit slower and therefore cheaper. If you don’t mind about when your postcard will be distributed, it’s recommended to use the B-Post stamp worth 85 Rappen.

Postcards from Liechtenstein abroad

Not only within Liechtenstein and Switzerland there are two different types of speeds available when sending out a postcard, this differentiation also applies for international postage.

Europe Priority 1.30 CHF
Europe Non-Priority / Economy 1.20 CHF

Worldwide Priority 1.80 CHF
Worldwide Non-Priority / Economy 1.40 CHF

Depending on where you want to send the postcard to, the delivery times change, understandably. According to the Liechtenstein Post, the delivery times for international postcards are the following, each first priority followed by Economy, in days:

Australia 6-10 / 10-15
Brasil 10-20 / 20-30
China 5-8 / 10-20
Germany 3-5 / 5-8
Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Hungary,… 2-3 / 4-12
United States of America 3-7 / 7-15
Russia 8-12 / 15-25
… more can be found in this German-language PDF document here, on page 2:

prices postcard liechtenstein

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