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Electricity and power sockets in North Macedonia – do you need an adapter?

Have you planned a trip to the Republic of North Macedonia and wondered if you need an adapter for the power socket? May you have a trip to Skopje, the countries capital city scheduled, or to discover the UNESCO world heritage site of Ohrid / Lake Ohrid – what do you need most when travelling these days? Apart from clearwater, food and Wi-Fi? Exactly, electricity. Smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatch, maybe a laptop, game console or electric toothbrush or razor. Nowadays the amount of electronic devices definitely adds up to an astonishing amount, you often carry a lot of computerised items around with you. With some devices, the battery lasts forever (eBook readers, for example), while other devices often need to be plugged in at least once a day to remain charged. If not even more often, sigh! Mobile power banks are great to keep your devices charged while on the go, but how about the power sockets in North Macedonia? Are they easy to use or will you need a travel adapter for your multiple plugs? Nevertheless, I can recommend using a USB-Plug for multiple devices, which makes charging while travelling so much easier.

Electricity and power sockets in Northern Macedonia

The electricity network in North Macedonia is based on a frequency of 50 Hz with a mains voltage of 230 V. Also, Type F sockets are used. This requires 2-pin plugs. Fortunately, the chargers and adapters are known from (not only) Germany fit here! Regardless of whether you have a thin two-pin plug or a round thick plug, both fit into the sockets in the Republic of North Macedonia. In other words, you won’t have any problems with the “classic EU plugs”! However, if you have plugs from the UK or the US, for example, you will need an adapter. Otherwise, you will have no problems with sockets or electricity in North Macedonia.
Type F is commonly used in most of the European countries such as France, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Norway, Portugal, Iceland, the Netherlands as well as countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, South Korea and some more. Want to know the standard of your country, check out this Country-by-country list of plugs, sockets and voltages.

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