The best EU – UK Travel Adapter (with 2 USB-Ports)

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Travelling is fun, no doubt, but once your phone’s battery runs empty, the fun might come to an abrupt hold. You need to charge it, but, most countries share the same power outlets, but some, however, not. Travelling within mainland Europe will ensure you’ll always need those two-pole sockets, which are highly compatible. However, upon setting foot on the other side of the English Channel (the United Kingdom), you will need a huge three-pole power socket. As I have previously invested in a slightly chunky and big multi-country travel adapter, I have never thought about maybe getting a smaller version. This literally massive adapter still works, but if you want to travel with the littlest baggage as possible, you might need something new. And so I came across this handy UK Travel Adapter which convinced me with its features. It isn’t just small based on the measurements; it also features two USB-Ports in addition to a regular standardised European power socket. With my personal dual-USB plug, I was able to charge four devices at the same time, with just this UK Travel Adapter, and my EU-dual-USB-Socket. Wow, so handy! All while still being smaller than my previous adapter.

How do you handle charging your devices abroad? Are you instead of a user of “multi-country” adapters or a proper one per country? Let me know in the comments, would love to learn how you manage this!

These Countries use Type G plugs with 3 pins

This specific Travel Adapter converts from 2-Pin European (“in”) to 3-Pin UK Type G (“out”), which is used in the following countries: Bahrain / Bangladesh / Belize / Bhutan / Botswana / Brunei Darussalam / Cambodia / Cyprus / Dominica / Falkland / Islands (Malvinas) / Gambia / Ghana / Gibraltar / Grenada / Guyana / Hong Kong / Iraq / Ireland / Island of Man / Jordan / Kenya / Kuwait / Lebanon / Macau / Malawi / Malaysia / Maldives / Malta / Mauritius / Myanmar / Nigeria / Oman / Pakistan / Qatar / Saint Kitts and Nevis / Saint Lucia / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines / Saudi Arabia / Seychelles / Sierra Leone / Singapore / Solomon Islands / Sri Lanka / Tanzania / Uganda / United Arab Emirates / United Kingdom (England / Scotland / Wales / Northern Ireland) / Vanuatu / Yemen / Zambia / Zimbabwe / Dubai



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