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Price to send an international postcard from Germany in 2022

How much does it cost to send an international postcard from Germany abroad to your home country in 2022? Sending greetings and memories of a trip back home to family and friends is still something very nice to do. Sending a postcard from Germany back home is easy, and price-wise comparable to prices for worldwide shipments in other countries. The main postage operator in Germany is Deutsche Post with DHL as parcel operator. In the past years, the number of actual post offices has been cut, however, you don’t necessarily need to visit an post office to send your postcard, letter or parcel. Find below the costs of sending letters and postcards from Germany internationally, as well as how to send them and where to buy the stamps etc.

Years ago I have already shared an overview of how much it cost to send a postcard, back in 2018. Prices have been adjusted a bit since then, as you can see. But not as drastically as prices for national services. Whilst a simple letter with max 3 papers in it did cost 70 ct in 2018, the price as of 2022 is now at 0,85€.

Price list Deutsche Post for International postcard and letter

Postcard0,95 €
Size: 14 cm – 23,5 cm x 9 cm – 12,5 cm

Standard letter1,10 € – max 20 g
Size: 14 cm – 23,5 cm x 9 cm – 12,5 cm x max 0,5 cm

Compact letter1,70 € – max 50 g
Size: 14 cm – 23,5 cm x 9 cm – 12,5 cm x max 1 cm

“Groß” big letter3,70 € – max 500 g
Size: min. 14 cm x min. 9 cm /
L + W + H = max. 90 cm in total

Maxi letter7,00 € – max 1000g // 17,00€ – max 2000 g
Size: min. 14 cm x min. 9 cm /
L + W + H = max. 90 cm in total

Where to buy your stamps in Germany

There are several possibilities to buy stamps in Germany. If you are buying a postcard at a touristy shop, its most of the time possible to also buy your stamp for international shipping there. Just keep in mind you will need a 0,95 Euro stamp!

Otherwise, you can buy stamps at self-service machines in front of post offices (in case they are closed, as the machines are working 24/7), at official post offices as well as at any combined DHL / Deutsche Post mini-store. Those mini stores are often located within other larger shops or in shopping centers, or right at newspaper/tobacco stores.

Another possibility to by steps in Germany is via the Deutsche Post website. Or directly through their app, but the latter is only available in German language, the website can be translated. Their online stamp shop, which you can find right here: offers you all possible stamps or DHL labels for self-printing. You will need to have a printer though! But this will be the most difficult possibility, especially if you only want to send out a hand full of international postcards or letters.

I’d recommend to buy the stamps where to have bought the cards, or at an official Deutsche Post post office.

How to send a postcard in Germany

As Germany is slow in digitalization, you can still find multiple post boxes in even the smallest city, and evenly sprinkled across big cities. The signature color of Deutsche Post is yellow, hence the post boxes are yellow as well. Either rectangular boxes hanging from poles or mounted at walls, or free-standing tall boxes of about 1.30 m height. If you can’t seem to find one, there are also always 24/7-accessible boxes in front or nearby post offices.
You can visit this webpage to look out for the closest post office in Germany:

Who was the person you have last sent a postcard to? Let me know in the comments below 😉

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