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quick workout for an afternoon energy boost – at home Workout Video

Who doesn’t experience this typical afternoon or early evening lump, on a regular basis? You have just returned home from work, and all you want to do is take a quick nap. But obligations often hinder you from enjoying a nice bit of sleep. Dinner, Family, grocery shopping and other chores such as washing, cleaning and so much more. An immediate energy boost is all you need, and here is a solution for you. Movement of the body is not only good for “the body“, but also for your mind and well-being. Your muscles will probably also be well pleased if they get to experience something else than just sitting and typing on a keyboard all day. Repetitive movements need to should be balanced out by regular full-body motion. For whenever again you feel tired and lethargic, try this following energy boost workout.

Workout Moves to Give You a Boost of Energy

This energy boost video has been originally published by Poosh, the lifestyle website run by the oldest of the Kardashian Girls, Kourtney. The following workout descriptions are taken from their website, from the Post “Workout Moves to GIVE YOU A BOOST OF ENERGY” by Sydney Cummings (click here to read it).

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The Routine:
Standing Heel Taps
Squat and Overhead Reach
Up Dog to Down Dog
Runners Lunge and Twist

*Complete one-minute intervals of each exercise for three rounds. 

If you execute every step of the workout for one minute, and repeat everything three times, you will have just accomplished a nice 12 minute workout. 12 minutes definitely sound better and less time-consuming, than sleeping for half an hour or an hour. And, a workout is definitely better for your mind, health and energy levels.

Energy Boost Workout Routine by Sydney Cummings explained

The four workout moves explained, as per Poosh.

The Move: Standing Heel Taps
How to: Wake your brain up with some bilateral work as you stand up nice and tall and tap your opposite heel behind your back, alternating each leg as you step side to side.

The Move: Squat and Overhead Reach
How to: Drop down into a wide squat. As you stand up to the top of your squat, reach your right arm up and over to the left side to stretch the right side of your body. Return to the squat and repeat on the left side of the body, taking the left arm up and over to the right side.

The Move: Up Dog to Down Dog
How to: Start in a down dog position and shift forward into a high plank. Lower down to the floor and then press up into an up dog position. Shift back to down dog and repeat the flow.

The Move: Runners Lunge and Twist
How to: Start in a plank position and step your left leg up beside your left hand. Open your left hand up toward the sky and twist your torso to open up your body and increase blood flow to help wake you up. Return back to a plank and repeat on the opposite side of your body.

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