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Salad Box with Falafel by GoFalafel Manchester

by Lisa


Healthy and Vegan do not mean a loss of taste! GoFalafel is a Juice and Salad Bar with two stores in Manchester. They offer fresh Juices, Smoothies, Salads, Falafel and Hummus in the City Centre and outside the City at Wilmslow Road. GoFalafel Piccadilly Gardens is located about halfway between Picadilly Station and the main Shopping Street Market Street, and close to my Hotel during this stay in Manchester, ibis Styles on Portland Street.

The GoFalafel Menu includes Falafel Wraps, Salad Boxes, fresh Tabouleh and fresh Hummus as well as various versions of fresh juices with names such as Mango Tango, Tropical Twister or Strawberry Sensation. In the evening as Take Away I opted for a Salad Box for 3.95£ plus 3 Falafel added for 1.00£, in total a big plate for just 4.95£. Of course, a Fork is included, so you can enjoy your Lunch or Dinner right away.
The Salad Box contains a mix of all available Salads, green leaves, Beetroot, Coleslaw, Parsley Salad, Pasta Salad, seasoned Chickpeas, Grain Salad and a small portion of Hummus. As an addition to the 3 Falafel, I had everything seasoned with a spicy tahini sauce. The Salad Box by GoFalafel was definitely sufficient and all the Salads worked very well together. My personal highlight was the Falafel, that was exactly how they should be, soft inside and crispy/hard outside. In Manchester you can also enjoy Falafel at Jamboree just a minute walk from GoFalafel near Piccadilly Gardens. I will definitely eat again at GoFalafel, and try a Falafel Wrap the next time!

Address GoFalafel Manchester Piccadilly Gardens

3 Newton St
Manchester M1 1HW
United Kingdom
Website: gofalafel.co.uk
Instagram: @GoFalafel

GoFalafel Salad box with Falafel and Hummous

GoFalafel Salad box with Falafel and Hummous

GoFalafel Salad Box Manchester

GoFalafel Salad Box Manchester

GoFalafel Manchester

GoFalafel Manchester

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