(Public) Transport in Edinburgh, Scotland

A super convenient way to get around Edinburgh is to use public transportation. Walking is also fine, of course. But the distances and heights can be quite tiring after a while. So, just jump on the next bus and head to the other end of the city by public transport in Edinburgh to discover even more. Below you’ll also find information on ticket prices/price per trip, as well as other ways to get around the Scottish city. And of course, very importantly, how to get from the airport in Edinburgh comfortably and quickly into the city, and back again, and how cheap this bus service is.

Taking Buses in Edinburgh

Either just one station or 20, Buses in Edinburgh are a great form of Transportation to get around. There are specific lines for daytime and for the night, make sure to check in advance if your bus departure time might fall into the night-time schedule! There are more than 50 Bus lines in Edinburgh, there should be the right one for everyone.
Ticket Prices: Single Ticket Adult £1.80, Single Ticket Child 90p; DAYticket Adult £4.50, DAYticket Child £2.20
Where to buy the Tickets: Online, on your mobile phone, Ticket Vending Machines at each tram stop, contactless
More Information on Timetables and more: https://lothianbuses.co.uk/timetables-and-maps/route-maps

Public Transport in Edinburgh Scotland JoyDellaVita
Public Transport in Edinburgh, Scotland

Trains in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, there are 4 Train Stations, with only Edinburgh Waverley Station in the City Centre. Close to the newer Town with all the shops and also the old Town with the Castle and more Sights, the location is conveniently located in between. The other Stations are Haymarket, Edinburgh Park Station & Slateford. From the Edinburgh Stations, you can catch Trains to Glasgow which is only 1 hour travel time, or other major cities in Scotland and England like Aberdeen, London or Birmingham.
Ticket Prices: The price for a one-way adult ticket from London Euston to Edinburgh Waverley Station starts at about £30.00 when booked in advance, prices can vary to up to £151.50 for the same ride. A one-way off-peak ticket from Edinburgh to Glasgow costs £12.60.
Where to buy the Tickets: At the Stations at vending machines or at counters.
More Information on Timetables and more: Virgin Trains Network & https://www.virgintrains.co.uk/stations-destinations/regions/scotland/edinburgh

UBER in Edinburgh

Why not using UBER to get around Town? Available just minutes after you ordered the ride on your smartphone they only charge you the estimated price. For a drive from the city to the Airport, you have to pay between 12 to 20 pounds, depending on Traffic and the distance of course when using uberX. If you want to give uber a first try, download the App and use the Uber Code DR6ZFUE for a 10 Pound discount on your first ride. The code can be used for any first ride in any city and any country, may it be in Milan or somewhere in Australia.

AirLink Airport Buses / Edinburgh Airport to several stations across Town

Once you step out of the Terminal after arriving at Edinburgh Airport there is probably nothing else you want, then to immediately arrive in the City Centre. Besides taking an UBER, to drive you directly where you want to, more cost-efficient are buses. With Free WiFi and 24/7 service, the Airlink Airport Buses are highly recommended in Edinburgh. Of course, you can take your luggage with you on the AirLink Bus in Edinburgh. The Routes cover many areas of the Town, make sure to check out the link below to find out if they stop close to the location of your Hotel/Hostel/Place to stay. When leaving the Airport building you find the blue buses to your right.
Ticket Prices: Single adult £4.50, Single child £2.00, Adult open return £7.50, Child open return £3.00
Where to buy the Tickets: You can buy the Tickets at Ticket Vending Machines at each station or at the Airport in the Info Booth
More Information on Timetables and more: https://lothianbuses.co.uk/airport & http://www.edinburghairport.com/transport-links/buses-and-coaches

AirLink Edinburgh Airport Bus JoyDellaVita
AirLink Edinburgh Airport Bus at the Airport Terminal

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