Things to know before your first Flight with easyJet

easyJet is known as one of the cheapest airlines in Europe. But what can you expect from them, service-wise, and how is it to fly with easyJet? I just had my first roundtrip with this European Airline and here some things you should know before flying with easyJet for the first time. If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment below!
But so far, my flights were always before schedule, once even 20 minutes ahead, and I’m already looking for other bargains to fly with them again soon.

Things to know before your first Flight with easyJet

If you probably already checked out flight routes and prices for easyJet you might have noticed that the flights are (usually) very cheap. But how it really is to fly with this Orange budget airline is here explained. Everything on the Booking Process, Service, Baggage Allowance, Food, Comfort on Board, the Seats and more.

Find the cheapest easyJet Flight Fares on

When booking a Flight with easyJet it’s the best when you don’t have a set date. If you want to fly to Palermo ‘sometime in the Summer’ you have the best chances to find some cheap Flights with easyJet. To actually find the best fares just check out their Website as you get the best deals there. You select where you want to depart, and either to what Airport or to what Country/Region you want to go. And there you have the best available fares. Currently, there are for example roundtrip flights from London to Palermo/Sicily for £64.55/80,93€ (April 25th-May7th) (335,10 €/£273.55 in FLEXI). When looking for flights there is the ‘Low Fare Finder‘ to only display the cheapest flights, definitely a recommended function if you are not set on dates or even places.

easyJet Baggage Size – Hand luggage and checked Baggage

Cabin baggage is one of the most important factors when travelling by Plane. easyJet allows you to take only one bag on Board. The cabin bag size is 56 x 45 x 25 cm including wheels and handles. Even though they haven’t checked the sizes when I flew with easyJet, you should be prepared that they check the bags if they look bigger than allowed. What is really nice is that there is no weight limit for your hand luggage cabin baggage. While other Airlines have usually a 7 or 8 kg weight limit, there is none with easyJet!
More on the different types of Tickets below, but only the FLEXI Ticket has a checked bag included. Up to 20 kg can be checked in, with the possibility for three checked bags in Total. When booking these extra Hold luggage bags online you get a 32kg bag for 96€, a 23kg for 24€ and so on. But, the prices increase the more bags you add to your booking. As an example, If you’re already flying with a FLEXI Ticket and have a 20kg bag included, three 32kg bags will cost you 389,40€.

easyJet cabin luggage small Suitcase and a handbag JoyDellaVita
my easyJet cabin luggage: small Suitcase and a handbag

easyJet OnBoard Service – Food and Drinks

The next important thing about baggage rules is one thing: Food. As easyJet is a budget Airline they don’t serve any complimentary drinks or snacks. But, you can purchase cold and hot drinks as well as cold and hot snacks on board. The selection is actually pretty good!
Current Prices:
0,5L Water 3,00 €
Cappuccino/Tea/HotChocolate/Lavazza 3,00 €
Garlic & Cheese Flatbread 5,00 €
Lasagna 6,00 €
Pringles (40g) 2,50 €
Snickers/Twix/… 2,00 €

easyJet OnBoard Entertainment

As mentioned multiple times before, easyJet is a low fare Airline. Therefore you won’t find any Monitor or Screen or selections of Magazines for free on Board. If you are interested, there is the easyJet magazine in every front-seats pocket, that you can enjoy on Board for free.

Different Types of easyJet Tickets

To keep everything simple, there are just two different Types of Tickets. One is the cheapest as possible fare, the other one the one with more privileges. It’s definitely up to you what you chose and want.
When flying with easyJet, and booking a Ticket, you have two Options: Standard and FLEXI. When booking Standard you have a seat and cabin baggage. If you want to select a seat you can buy extra, or just get any seat when checking in. As a FLEXI customer, you have 20kg of hold luggage included, are able to use Fast Track for the Airport Security Check and, if available, you can use an Airport Lounge prior to departure. Speedy Boarding is also included in FLEXI, which means you can enter the Plane as the first person without any hassles with everyone else. You can also take two bags into the plane, like a small suitcase and a laptop or camera bag.

Fast Track Security is available at the following airports:
Aberdeen, Athens, Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Belfast, Budapest, Brussels (Brussels to London Gatwick flights not supported), Cagliari, Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Faro, Geneva, Glasgow, Hamburg, Inverness, Lisbon, Liverpool, London Gatwick, London Luton (available from October 2015) London Southend, London Stansted, Lyon, Madeira, Manchester, Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Moscow Domodedovo, Munich, Naples, Newcastle, Nice, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly, Porto, Prague, Tallinn and Venice Marco Polo.

As all these benefits may change you should check out the easyJet Website for current benefits.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about easyJet? Feel free to comment below!

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