Ravensburg, the City of Towers and Gates in southern Germany

Ravensburg, the City of Towers and Gates in southern Germany


The City of Towers and Gates is Ravensburg in Upper Swabia, in southern Germany. As the Old Town was not bombed during the second world war all the buildings from the mid ages are still alive, and so are the numerous towers and gates. I’ve used my phone to navigate and find the right places, towers and gates, in Ravensburg.

There are more than a dozen towers and gates in Ravensburg. Some of them are even landmarks, like the big white tower ‘Mehlsack’. This 51m high tower can be found all over, as a symbol or even as an inspiration for local groups, like the quite successful Ice-Hockey Group ‘Towerstars’ from Ravensburg. For more Pictures, I can highly recommend this Article about the Towers and Gates in Ravensburg. Most of the towns Towers and Gates were built in the 14th or 15th Century and had different purposes. Nowadays almost everyone is used in a different way then they were back then. They were a Prison or for Customs, but some were just watchtowers and to protect the inner city. Ravensburg was located at the crossroad of two international trading routes, the Humpis were one of the most successful families active in international trading. More about them and the time in the mid-ages can be found at the Humpis Museum. Due to the wealth of the town from all the trading and the linen industry, Ravensburg was one of the first towns in Germany where papers were manufactured. If you want to learn more about Ravensburg, the Tourist-Information uploaded this Ravensburg Guide for Tourists.


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