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Red Coat Cafe at Edinburgh Castle

by european travelblogger Lisa


Once you bought your Ticket and entered Edinburgh Castle you are in. And besides Whisky and Walker Cookies the Options for Food and Drinks are limited. Luckily there is a Red Coat Cafe at Edinburgh Castle. In the warmer months with an outside sitting area it’s definitely beautiful, but now in winter you definitely have to use the indoor places. After entering the Café you will find a Bistro to your right with warm dishes, a Table with Pastries and the checkout. Everything is based on self-service, so you have to grab your own tray and get what you want. Even though it was not very busy at Red Coat Cafe the staff seemed a bit stressed and even with just a few coffee orders they made drinks no one later picked up (because they were probably never ordered at all). As there was no cream for the scones available, just jam and butter, I picked a ‘Scottish Shortbread’ and a Flat White for takeaway to enjoy later in the cold.

Address Red Coat Cafe At Edinburgh Castle


redcoat cafe edinburgh castle joydellavita

redcoat cafe edinburgh castle joydellavita

Flat White + Scottish Shortbread

redcoat cafe edinburgh castle joydellavita

Shortbread by Red Coat Cafe Edinburgh

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