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Spaghetti Napoli at Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen

Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen 

by european travelblogger Lisa


Italian Restaurants can be found en masse in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance. But very good Restaurants? Among Trattoria Cirillo it’s definitely Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen. Credo is located a bit outside the City Center, close to many office buildings and about 1 km to the Airport Friedrichshafen. Even though I don’t like their Pizza that much, I have other favourites, I really like their Salads and Pasta.

Parking space at Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen is sometimes limited, as it is a very popular Restaurant for Lunch and Dinner. On weekdays they offer special Lunch Menus, you can find them on their Homepage. The outside sitting area is very nice in summer, but you have to like traffic as there is a busy road (that leads to the Airport or other Cities like Tettnang or Ravensburg) right next to it. Parking spaces for bikes are available and even a bus station “Otto-Lilienthal Strasse” is nearby.

The Pasta Variations at Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen are varying from simple Spaghetti Napoli to Lasagna to Tagliatelle with scampi. As classics are always a good decision I mostly order Spaghetti Napoli, with a small mixed salad. Sometimes the Spaghetti are a bit too al dente, but anyway better than too overcooked. Once I asked for Parmesan Cheese they served me a glass Cup that was already visibly mouldy from the outside. So better pay attention to things like this. And when ordering, calculate that it sometimes takes a little more time than usual. Despite that, the Food is quite good and recommendable.

Address Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen: Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 2, 88046 Friedrichshafen

Small mixed Salad at Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen

Small mixed Salad

Spaghetti Napoli at Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen

Spaghetti Napoli at Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen

Tiramisu in a Glass at Ristorante Credo in Friedrichshafen

Tiramisu in a Glass

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