Vegi Mac by McDonald’s Switzerland

Vegi Mac by McDonald’s Switzerland


Vegi Mac is McDonald’s Switzerland answer to alternative Burgers. Burger without Beef, Chicken or Fisch. Burger with Vegetables and suitable for (Ovo-Lacto-)Vegetarians. In Germany there is the Veggie Clubhouse Burger, in Italy the McVeggie with Scamorza Cheese and Rocket and in Switzerland the Vegi Mac. So far, the Vegi Mac by McDonald’s Switzerland is my absolute favorite among the vegetarian McD Burgers. The Burger in Switzerland is easy, not too heavy and delicious.

Vegi Mac® Burger

The Vegi Mac Burger in Switzerland is made out of a Patty that is coated with breadcrumbs. Inside you find Carrots, Peas, Peppers, Onions, Beans, Potatoes and Rice. The Patty is topped by crisp and cut lettuce, a tomato slice and a mayonnaise-like Sauce. Above and Below there is a sesame Wheat Bun, made from 100 percent IP-Suisse-Flour. The Price with 5.90 CHF (5.30 €) is among other Burgers at McDonald’s Switzerland. I really liked that it’s a burger without Cheese and through the Salad and the mayonnaise sauce the Vegi Mac Burger tasted fresh and even a little “healthy”. On Average, the Vegi Mac has about 435 kcal and it contains Egg, Sesame, Gluten and Milk/Lactose. I’ll definitely eat it in Switzerland again!

Signature Line – The Coleslaw Salad

As a side, I went for The Coleslaw Salad of McDonald’s Switzerland Signature Line. These Signature Line Products are more exclusive than the regular McD Products. They were invented by Swiss Chef and Gourmet-Expert René Schudel. The Price for this small Salad is 4.30 CHF (3,90 €). If the taste would have been awesome there would have been some relation, but the Dressing was too liquid and kind of too sour (tasted like a too much citron juice and cream). The Carrot and Coleslaw Pieces were okay, but I won’t order the Coleslaw Salad by McDonald’s Switzerland again.

Pictures of my Vegi Mac Burger at McDonald’s Zurich in Switzerland

Vegi Mac and Coleslaw Salad by McDonald's Switzerland
Vegi Mac and Coleslaw Salad by McDonald’s Switzerland

Vegi Mac by McDonald's Switzerland


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  • Yumm, thanks!

  • I am afraid to inform you, that the vegimac got discontinued. It was a shock for me and there goes my last reason to ever go to mcdonalds again.

  • This was cool to read about: I had no idea that you could get veggie burgers in Switzerland. I live in France and the options are definitely less limited!

  • Nice post and blog!


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