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Where to shop cheap groceries in Davos, Switzerland

You should definitely consider where to go grocery shopping in Davos. Because Switzerland is expensive, especially if you’re a foreigner with a non-swiss income. Prices for meals often start at 20 CHF in Restaurants, but more too often closer to 30 Swiss Franks and up. As the exchange rate to euro is somewhat unfortunate, you can more or less say 30 swiss franks are almost 30 euros (okay, in reality, one swiss frank is equal to 0,91€, so 30 CHF are 27,30 Euro). Yes, Switzerland is expensive. Below you will find an overview of where to buy groceries such as simple water, sodas or snacks in Davos, while on holiday.

(Affordable) Cheap Grocery Stores/supermarkets in Davos, Switzerland


ALDI, the cheap supermarket chain from Germany. In the meantime, the company has expanded to so many markets worldwide, even to the US. What I like about ALDI is the reliability in quality and a varied assortment. Most of their offered products, food and non-food, are produced by companies under their ALDI name. Thanks to this you can enjoy good quality products for an excellent price.
Address Aldi Davos: Bahnhofstrasse 4A, 7270 Davos


Not quite considered cheap, Migros is a significant national supermarket chain with hundreds and hundreds of stores all over Switzerland. Small stores in cities, stations and airports, as well as bigger ones with enclosed Restaurants and bakeries. Besides cheaper supermarkets, I can definitely recommend to at least have a look at a more higher prices supermarket. Mainly to check out local delicacies and specialities, as souvenirs for friends and family back home, as well as for yourself while on your trip.
Address Migros Stores in Davos: Promenade 40, 7270 Davos; Promenade 105, 7270 Davos; Promenade 146, 7270 Davos,


Coop, too, is a big national supermarket chain in Switzerland. It’s more or less comparable to Migros (I’m not a native-swiss, if there are truly significant differences I’m not aware of, please share them in the comment section below!). The coop Supermarket right next to the main train station at Davos Platz is quite spacious and also includes a restaurant on the first/upper floor. The store itself is located on the lower floor.
Address Coop Store in Davos: Bahnhofstrasse 1 7270, Davos (the one with the restaurant)
Address Coop Pronto Davos Platz: Promenade 63, 7270 Davos, Switzerland

an easy supermarket dinner, bought at coop Davos
an easy supermarket dinner, bought at coop Davos

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