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Burger King Germany introduces the vegan Rebel WHOPPER – sale starts today!

0% Beef, but 100% WHOPPER®: This is the promise of BURGER KING® in relation to the new Rebel WHOPPER®. Following the successful launch of meatless burgers in the US and Sweden, BURGER KING® is now making its contribution to the growing range of meatless burger alternatives in Germany as well. The meatless patty – developed by The Vegetarian Butcher – has the famous Flame-Grilled flavor that guests expect from a WHOPPER® and can now be enjoyed as a plant-based alternative.

With the Rebel WHOPPER®, BURGER KING® now offers guests who want to try something new a meatless alternative, thus responding to the high demand for plant-based alternatives within Europe. With a total of 25 countries introducing the Rebel WHOPPER® in more than 2,500 restaurants at the same time, this is also one of the biggest launches in the brand’s history.

In order to be able to offer guests and fans a very special taste experience, BURGER KING® has worked intensively on the product development and with The Vegetarian Butcher has established a strong partner who represents the same values ​​and quality standards as BURGER KING®. The new burger consists of a juicy, plant-based patty and is – as usual for a WHOPPER® – topped with freshly cut tomatoes, crisp salad, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, onions and cucumber slices on a roasted sesame bun. Prepared on an open flame, the Rebel WHOPPER® receives the unique flame-grilled taste that guests and fans of the brand love so much.

“We are constantly monitoring current trends and changing eating habits of our guests,” explains Klaus Schmäing, Marketing Director at BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH. “With the Rebel WHOPPER® we also offer an alternative to guests who want to reduce their meat consumption. Here, the taste comes first for us, because who does without meat, does not necessarily want to compromise on the flavors.”Schmäing continues.

The Rebel WHOPPER® will be included in the standard range of BURGER KING® right from the start, offering guests a long-term meatless alternative to the existing iconic burgers. Other meat-free offerings by Burger King Germany are: Veggie Country Burger & Veggie Cheese King

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