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Products I always buy in Italy and bring back home

Whenever I visit Italy, there are some Products I always buy, and some Stores I usually visit. Italy is worldwide known and loved for great Food and awesome Fashion. And yes, these are the main categories of business I frequent.

Shopping Haul Video: Products I buy in Italy

Here now my Shopping Haul Video, that I filmed right after I returned from an almost one week Trip to Rome and Naples in February 2017. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay updated on my newest videos.

Products I always buy in Italy


There is no area in Italy where you can not order a Caffé, an Espresso. Usually ordered and drunken straight at a Bar, pure coffee is what flows in Italian veins. Among others, my favourite coffee brand is illy. Founded in 1933 in Trieste illy is a veteran company of the Italian Coffee Culture. Besides selling lovely mugs, I also got one at EXPO 2015 in Milan, they sometimes sell special editions of their coffee cans. This colourful one was a special edition created for the World Exhibition in Milan. After you used the Coffee you can use the cans as storage for either kitchen utensils or to collect coins.
illy Coffee EXPO 2015 JoyDellaVita

Cookies & Pastries

Cantuccini, Sfogliatelle, Cannoli, Bombolone, Struffoli, Pannetone and so on. The List of Italian desserts and pastries is long, very long. Often the Pastries are filled with cream, or without fillings to dip them in your Cappuccino for breakfast. Some kinds are unfortunately very difficult and fragile to transport, whilst some others are just so easy to carry in your carry-on back home. Therefore I often buy Cantuccini or Biscotti, which are basically Cookies. At EATALY in Rome I bought Cantuccini con cioccolato by a Tuscan based Company.

Cantuccini con cioccolato EATALY JoyDellaVita
Cantuccini con cioccolato

Shopping at Tiger

Tiger Italy JoyDellaVita

San Benedetto Thé

San Benedetto is a Beverage Company in Italy. Usually, they produce and sell water, but also added soft drinks to their portfolio. Since I was a kid I’ve always been a huge enthusiast of their iced tea Thé. This lemon flavoured drink is actually pretty sweet, but that’s also exactly why I love it. As far as I’ve seen they are available in 0,5l and 1,5l Bottles, but I always bus the small ones for usually less than 1€.

San Benedetto Thé Iced Tea JoyDellaVita
San Benedetto Thé Iced Tea


Italian Pasta. Ah. Either Penne Pomodoro, Cacio e Pepe or with another creative sauce, Pasta is a Product that always goes. Available in hundred shapes and colours/flavours the sortiment of Pasta is huge in Italy. Often a 500g packet costs only around 0,33€, but of course, artisanal products can cost much more. To not exceed your luggage weight limit I’d recommend only getting the kinds of Pasta you can’t get where you live.

Italian Pasta Italy JoyDellaVita
Italian Pasta

Italian Olive Oil

Olive Oil, the liquid Gold. Squeezed out of Olives from Tuscany, or from anywhere more south, are said to be the best. Also, the best Olive Oils are often the ones that don’t have professional labels on the bottles and are sold right from where they were produced. If you buy authentic Italian olive oil you will most probably pay less in Italy, then to buy the imported ones where you live.

nutella by Ferrero

nutella, the Italian national pride. If you’d need to add anything to the lines of Products that resemble Italy, besides Pizza, Pasta and Ferrari, it will be nutella by the italian Company Ferrero. This brown paste made out of hazelnuts is worldwide loved, and often new products are first launched in Italy, before anywhere else. Just like Nutella B-ready that I already tried in May 2015, months before it was introduced to other international markets.

nutella Ferrero JoyDellaVita
nutella by Ferrero

Clothes Shopping at OVS

Already back in 2015 I bought clothes at OVS, as they were the official merchandise distributor of EXPO 2015.

Shopping at OVS JoyDellaVita
Shopping at OVS

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