Tarte flambée Babiole Ravensburg southern Germany JoyDellaVita
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Tarte flambée at Babiole in Ravensburg, southern Germany


Babiole in Ravensburg is a bakery with a Café/Restaurant. Located in the City Center they only have this Store and their Bread and Buns and Pastries are all so good. To enjoy some of the last beautiful hours of early spring outside I had a Tarte flambée, or Flammkuchen in german, on their Terrace facing Marienplatz. Of course, you can also see it from the Top of Blaserturm, as well as other parts of the City.

Flammkuchen/ Tarte flambée are offered in two sizes, and each three flavors at Babiole in Ravensburg. “Flammkuchen Babiole” with tomatoes, arugula and Grana Padano Parmesan Cheese. The next one is the “Flammkuchen Klassik” with Bacon and Onions, the classic one, or a sweet “Flammkuchen Süss” topped with Apples, Sugar and Cinnamon. Prices for a small one are ranging from 3,70€ to 4,60€ and from 6,70€ to 8,40€ for the big ones that are exactly double the size. I went for a small classic Tarte flambée but without the bacon, so with onions only. The Tarte was crispy and tasted delicious, even with onions only. I’ll be definitely back for more.
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Address Babiole in Ravensburg, southern Germany

Marienplatz 23
88212 Ravensburg

Tarte flambée Babiole Ravensburg southern Germany JoyDellaVita
Tarte flambée / Flammkuchen with Onions at Babiole Ravensburg


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