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Grand Cafe Planie in Stuttgart

Entering Grand Cafe Planie in Stuttgart feels like a time travel back to the good old days when Cafes were the Place to be. The Place where the Men were reading the newspapers in the morning, already in their business suits and ready to work, and where the women meet up over a Cup of Tea and a piece of Cake and the kids are standing outside the windows observing everything with full excitement. Besides offering a good Tea and Coffee selection the classic Cafe needed to have some good Cakes as well. If you are looking exactly for such a Place you should visit Grand Cafe Planie at the Charlottenplatz in Stuttgart. 

Grand Cafe Planie in Stuttgart was suggested as the Place to go for delicious cakes. Offering seats out and inside I’d definitely prefer one inside as the design is not as modern as the wooden chairs outside, and more entertaining. What I noticed during my visit is that a lot of weird people seem to like this place as well. Maybe it was my wrong timing, but it was striking to notice. During the afternoon Grand Cafe Planie offers varied lunch menus, each including a salad or a soup. The breakfast menu is very big and served until 11:59 am. When I went to Grand Cafe Planie for Lunch the Cafe was about half-full, on a Monday. 

For Lunch I’ve tried one of their Flammkuchen, the Alsatian speciality made out of ultra-thin crispy dough, topped with pear, cheese and champignon mushrooms. For a price of 8,90€, I was definitely awaiting more topping. With every bite I had to decide whether I wanted something tasty on the tasteless Tarte flambée or not. Almost 5 euros for 0,4 l Apple juice was quite expensive as well. As I couldn’t try one of their cakes as already Lunch and ordering and waiting took too much time I will most likely not visit Grand Cafe Planie as well, for Lunch or Dinner. An Alternative at a close distance would be the market hall Markthalle.

Address Grand Cafe Planie Stuttgart

Charlottenplatz 17

Flammkuchen / Tarte flambée at Grand Cafe Planie Stuttgart

Grand Cafe Planie in Stuttgart

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