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Review: travel abroad with FlixBus in 2022

What has changed in 2022 for cross-border FlixBus journeys from Germany to Switzerland? If you wanted to travel abroad at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, this was sometimes not possible at all or involved some hurdles. But how does an international journey with FlixBus work in 2022? The great summer is coming up, and of course you want to be prepared for all eventualities. After two years of back and forth and sometimes daily changes and adjustments to measures, we are now looking forward to a great summer in 2022. Because, so easy, so cheap: travel with FlixBus.

My last journey took me to Zurich, Switzerland, with FlixBus. In around 2.5 hours, I travelled from Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, across the Lake to Constance, and then directly to the Swiss financial metropolis. Currently still in low season, I didn’t even pay 15 euros for the journey for two people. With fuel prices rising ever more sharply, this is an absolute bargain!

This post is focused on my experiences with FlixBus during the Corona virus pandemic, check out my other posts for general experiences of international travel with Flixbus (formerly MeinFernreisebus).

FlixBus travel during Corona

As in many other public places, the safety of guests and staff is a top priority for FlixBus. Therefore, masks must still be worn, properly. During boarding, during the entire journey, as well as when disembarking.
In the meantime, it is up to the passengers to decide whether they want to wear surgical masks or FFP2 masks. In any case, medical masks! Even if masks are no longer compulsory in a country like Switzerland (since mid/end March 2022), they are in FlixBus in Switzerland. After all, the masks protect not only the others but also oneself from possible (re-)infection.

As official regulations and protective measures are constantly changing, it is advisable to take a look at the information page of FlixBus directly before departure:

Cross-border journey with FlixBus from Germany to a foreign country

The foreign country of my journey was not far, it was “only” Switzerland. But here, too, you have to cross the border and cross the country’s frontier. It is important to note that every passenger must carry a valid identification document. Be it an identity card or a passport. Random checks are carried out on the buses at the border near Constance/Konstanz and Kreuzlingen. Depending on the checkpoint, each passenger is allowed to get off the bus, hand luggage remains in the bus and the luggage is taken out of the luggage compartment. Then the sniffer dogs start their tours around the people and the luggage, and through the bus. Meanwhile, the identity documents are checked.
Or, the border officials go through the bus and check here the identity documents of all travelers, and ask about the reason for the trip (day trip, for departure from Zurich airport, onward journey by train,…).

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