UBER in Amsterdam + Discount Code

UBER in Amsterdam is a convenient way to get from A to B. All you need is your Smartphone and either mobile data service or a public WiFi. UBER is kind of a chauffeur operator connecting individual drivers with clients via a mobile smartphone application. UBER is based in the Silicon Valley in California but offers service in cities all over the world. One of their newest and biggest booming markets is the Middle East, but sure they are available in several Cities in Europe as well. After having a good and pleasant experience with UBER in Milan, Italy, I tried UBER in Amsterdam again.

How to book your UBER in Amsterdam

If you haven’t tried UBER yet, it’s very easy! First, you need a Smartphone, either with Android or iOS as the operating system. Go to your App Store and download the UBER App – it’s free. Once the App is installed you need to set up a user Account and need to set your payment method, PayPal or a Credit Card. There won’t be any charges unless you take a Ride with a UBER in any operating UBER Cities worldwide. Yes, once you install the UBER App on your smartphone you can hire a driver anywhere in this World, from London to Los Angeles to Cape Town in South Africa. The method will always be the same, so with UBER you can commute easily and with the ever same concept.

Once you installed the App on your smartphone and you want to book your UBER in Amsterdam, you need to turn on your phone’s GPS, and the location service. Through this, the App can exactly locate you, and send the driver to your exact location. Otherwise, you can manually move the pin on the map to your preferred pick-up place (like a parking lot a few meters away that is free for example). Okay, now there are two different kinds of UBER in Amsterdam. UberX is less expensive and the Cars will be for example a Toyota Prius, UberBLACK which is more expensive than UberX but your Rides will be (black) limousines and then there is UberVAN with more spacious vehicles for more people and more luggage. If you have a location you want to commute to, like a Restaurant, you can calculate the approximate ride costs, and compare if you rather want UberX or UberBLACK, or with lots of Luggage on the way to the Airport UberVAN.
Once you ordered your UBER Driver the App will display the car’s location and the time until arrival. Most of the time it will be just a few minutes, depending on traffic and the time of the day.

How to get a 10€ discount on your first Ride with UBER in Amsterdam

If you want to try UBER I can offer you a discount code. No matter if it is a long ride from the Airport to your Hotel in the City Center or just a few blocks after grocery shopping, the discount does always count. If your ride is very short it is possible that you don’t even have to pay anything, as it is below 10€. If your ride with UBER in Amsterdam is longer the 10€ discount will immediately reduce your ride costs.

Use the following Code for a 10€ Discount on your ride: DR6ZFUE

UBER Amsterdam Voucher Code JoyDellaVita
UBER Pop im Amsterdam – white Toyota Prius

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