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Vegan Currywurst in Dresden ~ Curry am Schloss

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Probably the best currywurst in Dresden is available from Curry am Schloss in Dresden. Not far from the Zwinger and popular shopping street Prager Strasse, the tiny snack bar with only street sales offers typical German snack exemplars. Whether currywurst, french fries, or currywurst with french fries, individually or as a menu. This hole in a wall style restaurant will definitely feed you well. Certainly, not only a classic bratwurst and currywurst are offered, but also non-meat eaters will find something yummy at Curry am Schloss Dresden, among a vegan bratwurst and vegan currywurst. The price difference to the regular sausage with meat is only marginal. My vegan bratwurst covered in a spicy sauce bath was crispy on the outside and nice and juicy on the inside, just like a regular bratwurst, if I remember correctly. Even though I chose the lowest level of spiciness, it was already sufficiently hot, but still very tasty. The bun is kept warm in a small oven by the food kiosk owners and tasted like it was freshly baked. Absolutely delicious – the bun, the sauce and the vegan sausage. I can definitely recommend this vegan delight in Dresden (Saxony, in the eastern part of Germany)!

Curry am Schloss offers vegan bratwurst in a bread roll for 3.90 euros and vegan curry sausage with a bread roll for 3.90 euros as well. There are different degrees of spiciness to choose from for the curry sauce: spicy, hot, very hot, EXTREME. As an additional side dish, you can choose from french fries for 2.50 euros, fresh sweet potato fries for 3.20 euros and fresh truffle fries (with truffle oil and parmesan) for 3.80 euros.

Address Curry am Schloss Dresden: Schloßstraße 1, 01067 Dresden
Opening times: Sunday to Thursday: 11:00–18:00, Friday and Saturday: 11:00–20:00
Website: curryamschloss.de

vegan currywurst sausage with mild curry sauce
vegan currywurst sausage with mild curry sauce
Curry am Schloss Dresden
Vegan Currywurst by Curry am Schloss as seen in the background


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