Rules for Train travel in Switzerland during the coronavirus pandemic

Switzerland had followed a rather passive guideline approach in attempting to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Masks have rarely been mandatory, the exceptions have been longer than the rules. However, as fall and winter are soon approaching, things may get ugly and serious soon. If you plan on travelling to or inside Switzerland soon, below the current rules to obey when using trains in Switzerland regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. However, since the current situation can change at short notice, it is advisable to do a brief research directly with the train operator before departure or at the earliest one day in advance, usually directly here at SBB, the Swiss railway company ( SBB: Corona )

Hygiene protection measures on Swiss trains in 2020/2021

  • Wear an appropriate mouth and nose covering mask (must cover both mouth and nose at all times – damp masks must be replaced!)
  • keep a safe distance distance to other people
  • Buy tickets online
  • Leave space (while sitting)
  • Avoid peak hours (if possible) (see the link above for a weekday / weekend peak hour chart)
  • Observe hygiene rules (wash hands, disinfect if washing with soap is not possible)

It is important that all of the protective measures listed above are observed. Not only on the train itself but also as soon as you enter the station. These rules apply to all trains in Switzerland and must be complied with. Whether regional S-Bahn or an international EuroCity train, wearing masks, keeping your distance and paying attention to hygiene applies everywhere and at all times – and rightly so.
Below are tips on the correct use of hygiene masks from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH on the following website:

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