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Vegetarian Sushi in Zurich at Negishi Niederdorf

Japan in Zurich Niederdorf. Authentic sushi, modern creations and, in some cases, enjoyed only in socks without shoes. Negishi is now my favourite place for delicious vegetarian sushi in Zurich. As a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish either, it’s rare to find such a wide selection of sushi without fish. Maki with cucumber is usually available, but that’s often the end of the fish-free offer. But not at Negishi Zurich, where even vegetarian dishes are highlighted on the menu with a symbol. So practical!

Sushi Restaurant in Zurich Niederdorf

On a chilly day, shortly after the restaurant opened at 12 noon, I was the first guest on a Sunday. The location of the Sushi Bar is on a small square just a few steps from the Limmatquai and the Limmat, close to the Grossmünster. Ideally located, in Zurich Niederdorf. I immediately accepted the offer of the friendly waitress and ordered a refreshing Negishi iced tea from the bar’s own recipe for 6.30 CHF. The vegetarian offer was really extensive, which is why it was so difficult to decide on an appropriate amount of sushi. I would have liked to order everything, but then decided on a warm starter and two sushi each.

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my vegetarian Sushi at Negishi

Since edamame is, unfortunately, not available everywhere, my first choice was of course edamame. But not the classic ones with just a little salt, but the “Edamame Deluxe” from Negishi, for 9.50 CHF. These are still warm tempura edamame with sweet potato sticks, served with homemade chipotle mayo dip. Such a delicious combination, and the dip was also too delicious. Then the sushi, also no typical classics that are available everywhere. Once 2 pieces of Levantin Roll for 4 CHF, with Black Sushi Rice, Edamame, Tempura Beans & Paprika Hummus garnished with Broccoli Shoots & Pomegranate Seeds. This was accompanied by 2 INARI for 3.50 CHF each, which are sweet tofu pockets filled with rice.
The low-salt soy sauce is already standard on every table, and the sushi was accompanied by yellow ginger and wasabi.

Negishi Sushi Bar Nägelihof Zürich
Address: Nägelihof 1 8001 Zürich
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11:00 – 23:00 Sun 12:00 – 22:00
(The kitchen is open until 22:00 Monday to Saturday and until 21:30 on Sundays)

Pictures of my Sunday lunch at Negishi Nägelihof

Tempura Edamame with Sweet Potato Sticks, served with homemade Chipotle Mayo Dip joydellavita


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