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Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg, Vorarlberg

“To Italy! Angelika Kauffmann and the Grand Tour” can be currently visited at Angelika Kaufmann Museum Schwarzenberg in Vorarlberg. Angelika Kaufmann was a well-known Swiss-Austrian Neoclassical painter who had a successful career in London and Rome. She is remembered primarily as a history painter, as she was a skilled portraitist, landscape and decoration painter. Even though she was born in Chur in Graubünden, and died in Italy/the Papal States, she spent quite some time of her life in Schwarzenberg in Vorarlberg, Austria. Her father, Joseph Johann Kauffmann, was a skilled muralist and painter, who was often traveling for his work. In 1757 she accompanied her father to Schwarzenberg in Vorarlberg/Austria where he was working for the local bishop. The exact same house Maria Anna Angelika Kauffmann, per her full name, was calling her home during her time in Schwarzenberg is still standing today. Back in 2007 the historic farmhouse of the typcical architectural style of the region, a Kleberhaus, was turned into a Museum, the Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg which also houses the Local History Museum.

Angelica Kaufmann, as she is often called in the english language, has been travelling a lot all her life. Early on she was trained by her father, and worked as his assistant along his side all over Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Thanks to her mother she learnt the languages German, Italian, French and German, which has always been benefical for her. Check out my travel blog post archive for the Vorarlberg Travel Guide with numerous other ideas for activities in the regions, including restaurant reviews and much more.

“To Italy! Angelika Kauffmann and the Grand Tour”

Angelika Kauffmann’s educational journey took her all over Italy from 1759 to 1766. Accompanied by her father, she made stops in Milan, Parma, Modena, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. Later she went to London and became a favourite artist of the High Societey, as well as a member of the Royal Academy of Arts. She was even one of the only two female painters among the founding members in 1768, along Mary Moser. In 1781 she returned to Italy, specififally to Rome, where she lived until her death in 1807. She befriended many artists in Rome, among them Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who was also a huge enthusiast of Italy (his published journal “Italian Journey 1786-1788” is just one example).

The current exhibition “To Italy! Angelika Kauffmann and the Grand Tour” at Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg runs until October 31st 2021. Part of the official descritopn reads as the following: “Italy, with its long art tradition, ancient sites and picturesque landscapes, was the preferred destination. For the artists living in Rome or Naples, this early tourism boom brought many commissions. On the basis of original works by the artist and her contemporaries, the exhibition is dedicated to the places of longing in the south, the travellers, their stories and the souvenirs brought home. As a precursor to postcards and selfies, the image testimonies of the Grand Tour remind us of an era in which wanderlust was as great as it is today – and take us on a journey to 18th-century Italy.”
Definitely a recommended exhibition to visit, and discover more of the artist Angelika Kauffmann. Until the end of October you will also be able to enjoy the exhibition “Who owns the Bödele? Understanding a cultural landscape” at the in-house local history museum (included in the ticket price).

Address Angelika Kauffmann Museum: Brand 34, 6867 Schwarzenberg, Austria
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm, closed on mondays (open daily during the Schubertiade from August 21 – 29 2021)
Ticket prices: Adults 9 Euro, reduced 8 Euro (Senior citizens born 1956 or later, groups of 10 or more, students, apprentices, people with disabilities, military and civilian servants), 10 % discount for holders of the Bregenzerwald Saison Card and Bregenzerwald Gäste-Card (except groups), Free admission for children and young people up to 19 years, extra opening outside regular opening hours 80 Euro

Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg Blog joy della vita
Angelika Kauffmann Museum
Kleberhaus style old farmhouse in Schwarzenberg Vorarlberg
Kleberhaus style old farmhouse in Schwarzenberg Vorarlberg

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