My blogging story – how I became a Blogger

by Lisa

Hey Guys! This was a phrase I always wrote when starting a blog post, back in 2011. Before sharing with you my Blogger 101 and talking about everything related blogging I thought it’s important to start by telling my story. How I discovered and starting blogging, and how I became a Blogger. Just a few years ago it was so cool to be a blogger, nowadays everyone wants to be Insta-famous and an InstaBlogger, or a Vlogger on YouTube only. But, this is exactly the “problem” why I started blogging back in 2011, and believe me, blogging and having an own blog will be even more important in the future.

In 2008 I uploaded my first Video to YouTube. Filmed with a 3.2 megapixel Nokia phone (an actual phone, not Smartphone!). I was 15 back then. In the following years, I was pretty active on forum websites, uploading and sharing my pictures. My stuff was liked and loved and I already connected with many people. Around 2009/2010 the first big fashion bloggers came on my radar. Chiara Ferragni, Andy Torres, and more. I kind of adored them, not fashion-wise, but blogger-lifestyle wise. I liked what they did, on their blogs and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram was war away back then!). It seemed fun to share daily adventures, behind the scenes of big events, travelling and sharing a hobby. Back then, my big hobby was cars. I shared pictures and videos of cars and motor events, but always on other websites. I have already worked as a freelance journalist for a local newspaper from the age of 16, so I about knew what I wanted, becoming a journalist, but had absolutely no interest in wasting years at university. Then, at the end of 2010, I started thinking about having my own platform. Sharing my opinion and work on my own website, receiving my own clicks, instead of “giving” away my free work to other forum sites. And then, after weeks of planning, my very first Blog The Car Addict went live on January 1st, 2011. I wanted all the world to celebrate the birthday of my blog ūüėČ 

In my first year of blogging all I was doing was sharing thoughts, finds of cool videos and pictures I found online, and partially writing about the latest automobile news. I did all for fun. And actually, I had no fucking clue about how all that blogging works behind the scenes. All the invitations, collaborating with brands, earning money. Also, I had no big clue about the legal side of being an online publisher, but also, no one had a clue back then about the identification of for example sponsored content. Over the years I have learnt a lot, and that’s what I want to share with you. I won’t be doing paid workshop classes because seriously, who needs this kind of bullshit? If you are truly interested in becoming a blogger, more than earning tons of money through blogging, then keep on reading. 

Comment your questions below and the first helpful articles will be published very soon!

lisa the car addict international mini meeting mugello green mini knightsbridge joy della vita blog

The Pictures show me during International Mini Meeting in Mugello in 2013 / taken by Fabian Kirchbauer


Hi, I'm Lisa and welcome to my Joy Della Vita Travelblog. Joy della Vita, inspired by the Italian language, means "Joy of Life". And this is what can be found here. Travel, Food, Mobility & (Travel-)Lifestyle. I enjoy to travel on a low budget, but some luxury has never hurt anyone.


  • Sally
    11 - October - 2017 at 11:25 PM

    You are incredible, Lisa, can’t wait to read more of your adventures

  • 10 - October - 2017 at 6:05 PM

    Would love to see a post on do’s and dont’s but also things you may have known before being a blogger!

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