Breakfast Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic Quarter JoyDellaVita

Breakfast at Federal Cafe Barcelona in the Gotic Quarter


For Brunch/Breakfast in Barcelona, I went to federal Cafe in the Gotic Quarter. The cafe is located in a smaller street not too far from the Barceloneta Beach or La Rambla. Barcelona is a true foodies paradise. With a broad gastronomic offer, there are Restaurants and Cafes that will please everyone. federal cafe has several locations across Barcelona and even Spain. Check out their website for information on all their locations, I added a link below.

Situated next to a charming open courtyard I simply could not resist sitting there, to enjoy my breakfast/brunch in Barcelona. Inside the cafe, most tables were anyways already occupied by people with their laptops, so a nice excuse to sit outside. There was no direct sunshine in the late morning, therefore it was a bit chilly in March but still nice to sit next to palm trees. Service at federal cafe Gotic was very friendly and within seconds sitting at the table I already received the menu card. You can find a picture of the menu below, just click to enlarge it.
Among all the delicacies offered I ordered free-range oven-baked eggs Florentine with spinach and parmesan and toast for 7,90€, plus a Cappuccino.

I can definitely recommend having breakfast, or just a coffee, at Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic. The location is lovely, the Food good and the Service attentive and fluent in English. And, there is free WiFi for everyone.
If you do not mind having to spend more time, I can also suggest trying churros for breakfast.

Address Federal Cafe Gotic

Passatge de la Pau, 11
08002 Barcelona
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 09:00 – 24:00 Friday & Saturday 09:00 – 01:00 Sunday 09:00 – 17:30

eggs florentine cappuccino at federal barcelona JoydellaVita
oven baked eggs florentine with cappuccino at federal barcelona
cappuccino federal cafe barcelona JoydellaVita
cappuccino at federal cafe barcelona
oven baked eggs spinach parmesan and toast federal barcelona
free-range oven baked eggs florentine with spinach and parmesan and toast

Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic JoyDellaVita

Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic JoyDellaVita
Outside sitting area at Federal Cafe Barcelona

Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic JoyDellaVita

Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic JoyDellaVita
near Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic
Menu Federal Cafe Barcelona Gotic JoyDellaVita
Menu Federal Cafe Barcelona (click to enlarge!)


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