Churros for Breakfast in Barcelona at ARTiSA near La Rambla

Churros for Breakfast in Barcelona at ARTiSA near La Rambla


Chocolate con Churros” is a great way to start a Day in Barcelona. Especially when it’s still a bit cold in the mornings, warm crispy churros and warm hot chocolate are simply the best. Previously only knowing Churros as snacks at fun fairs I first had them the traditional way in Malaga at Churreria Casa Aranda, for breakfast. Churros are fried dough strings, and you can either enjoy them with sugar only or by dipping them in either hot chocolate or in a Cappuccino/Café con leche.

ARTiSA is located at Carrer de Colom in Barcelona, at La Rambla and right next to the beautiful Plaça Reial, in the Gothic Quarter. It’s a Café with both traditional Spanish and healthy snacks. Variations of Coffee, homemade cakes, freshly pressed juices, salads, crepes, sandwiches and egg dishes in particular. Check out their Menu for all their offers. As they have tables and chairs both in- and outside the first thing I did was sitting on a table for two outside. I assumed they would come and take your order, but it took more than 15 minutes until a service lady came out, brought parts of an order to another table, and left again without looking up for even a second. After more than 5 minutes she returned to serve me something, and at first, she didn’t even understand my ‘I haven’t ordered yet’, but then brought the tray table to the other table from earlier. After more long minutes I went inside and after waiting for another few minutes I was able to order my “Chocolate con churros” for 4.00 € and a small fresh Orange Juice (200ml) for 2,90€. Luckily my Table outside was still free, inside it was slowly filling up, and I had to wait for another 10+ minutes until my order showed up (they brought it outside to my table). The service lady was already crumpling up my bill before I could even remind her that my orange juice was missing… long story short, I have spent 1 hour at ARTiSA Barcelona, but only 10 minutes of actual eating.
As it seemed it was the first day for the ‘confused girl’ that brought out the orders I accept it as beginner’s fault, as (one of) the other girls inside seemed to run all the other tasks alone. But still, if you just want to grab a bite, a few hundred meters the Rambla up there is a McD (they also offer nice breakfast).

Nevertheless, the orange juice was fresh and energising, but for sure the highlight was the churros con chocolate. Greasy and sugar-coated crispy dough that you are supposed to dip into smooth hot chocolate, and luckily it’s totally normal and accepted to eat this for breakfast in Spain! For 4€ you get a nice portion to try this delicacy, as a combo price. Usually, a portion churro costs 2,50€ and the hot chocolate 2,50€, swiss chocolate 2,80€. You can also get a portion of Spoon biscuit to dip in the chocolate, for 2,50€ per portion.
ARTiSA is using organic and local products, so you should definitely pay them a visit (and bring plenty of time). For sure you can get most dishes and drinks for ‘take away’.

Address ARTiSA Barcelona

Carrer de Colom, 2
08002 Barcelona
closest Metro Station: Drassanes (L3)

Chocolate con churros Breakfast in Barcelona at ARTiSA near La Rambla

Chocolate con Churros and Orange Juice
Chocolate con Churros and Orange Juice
spanish Hot Chocolate Artisa Barcelona
spanish Hot Chocolate
fresh Churros by ARTiSA Barcelona
fresh Churros by ARTiSA Barcelona
How to eat Chocolate con Churros, by dipping the Churro into the Chocolate
How to eat Chocolate con Churros, by dipping the Churro into the Chocolate

Churros Artisa Barcelona

ARTiSA near Plaza Real de Barcelona
ARTiSA near Plaza Real de Barcelona


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  • Oh my, thanks for sharing this post! We didn’t know that churros for breakfast was a thing, but your picture looks amazing. we are visiting in July so guess we will also have to take part in this tradition and visit somewhere for a churro for breakfast! thanks for sharing!

    • Enjoy some Churros for me as well! 😉

  • This is really pretty appealing!

  • Love Churros!!!!

  • Yummy!!

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