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If you have ever eaten a Cookie by Crème London, it will be impossible to ever eat any other cookie by big chains like Starbucks and co. The Creme Cookies are so big and gooey, and the best time to eat them is while they are still warmed up. There is just nothing compared to the taste of an even slightly warm cookie with melting chocolate pieces. However, you might want to share the cookie with someone, as they really are BIG.

Some short time ago, Creme cookies came to my attention thanks to British blogger Anna from The Anna Edit. She frequently visits London, and for sure she’s on the pulse of new hyped restaurants in London. She bought their deliciously looking cookies, but, then posted a video with instructions on how to bake your own (even better) Creme-like cookies at home, however, back to my experience at Creme London. When I visited the tiny store, just a quick walk off famous Oxford Street, I was the only customer. Shortly after 10 in the morning probably isn’t the busiest time to buy cookies.

Creme London offers exactly four different types of cookies. The classic white dough with milk chocolate parts, the Miso dough with white chocolate, a dark dough with dark chocolate as well as a white dough with raisins. There should be at least one cookie for every taste and preferences. The price is quite hefty, in my opinion, with £4/~4,67€ per individual cookie. At least you can buy six cookies for £22 and receive them a beautiful box for takeaway.
Besides cookies, Creme London also offers Soft Serve and hot beverages such a Tea and Coffee specialities.

Personally, I went for a Miso Cookie as I have never before had something comparable. However, I should have gone with the classic milk chocolate one. My cookie wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t like the miso-taste for more than two bites. The white chocolate bits were still partially liquid, as the cookie was still warm, so that was a plus. However, I can highly recommend giving Annas recipe a try and bake them yourself. If you’re anyway in London and nearby, you should get one to share, and try the famous cookies yourself!
Have you tried Crème London before? What’s your opinion?

Crème London

Crème London Cookies
Crème London Cookies

Crème Cookies London


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