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EatHappy Sushi in Friedrichshafen (Rewe am Stadtbahnhof)

Since recently, you can also enjoy fresh sushi at Rewe am Bahnhof in Friedrichshafen. The chain “eat happy”, which is represented in many large cities in Germany, such as Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, has now also taken a position at Lake Constance. Just a few meters from the shore of Lake Constance, you can now buy freshly prepared sushi and Asian delicacies. Since the Sushi-for-takeaway-restaurant is positioned within the Rewe supermarket, one pays then also as usual at the regular Rewe cashdesk. Like regular bananas, drinks, the cheap kebab of the in-Rewe snack bar, or now also sushi.

EatHappy Sushi in Friedrichshafen offers classic sushi with salmon, as well as vegetarian and vegan rolls. Sorted by variety, or mixed boxes and plates. In addition, “extras” such as ginger, wakame salad or gyoza are offered. Depending on availability, there may of course be variations in the range offered, but on the following website you can find a general overview of the EatHappy Sushi offer in Friedrichshafen: (can also be sorted by vegan only, vegetarian, spicy, lactose-free or gluten-free).

For a first test of the new sushi offer in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance, I decided on a “Vegan Lunch Box” for 6.95 euros as well as the Wakame Salad (Vegan) for 2.95 euros. For 10 euros, you get “full” of such a menu, taste-wise everything was very good and thanks to available chopsticks on-site, you can then also enjoy the sushi directly on a park bench on the shore of the lake, for example.

Address eat Happy Friedrichshafen at REWE Markt Widmann: Bahnhofplatz 3, 88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany on Google Maps
Opening hours of the REWE Markt: Monday – Saturday each 6 am-midnight, closed on Sundays

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