Vorarlberger Käsknöpfle with a view in the Ammenegger Stuba in Dornbirn

Vorarlberger Käsknöpfle Ammenegger Stuba Dornbirn

One of the restaurants in Dornbirn with the most beautiful view is probably located in Ammenegg. Just before the road turns into the Bregenzerwald, in the direction of Bödele and Schwarzenberg, you will find the Ammenegger Stuba. Down-to-earth as well as local classics, as well as exquisite dishes, can all be found in the Stuba. Check out their menu (in german) here for an overview of their offerings. The guest room inside is rustic and cosy, while the sun terrace outside offers a fantastic view and guaranteed sunshine. Parking spaces are available on-site, alternatively, you can also take Bus line 38 from Dornbirn to Ammenegg.

After a successful Bödele hike, there had to be a proper feast on the way back, of course. What better dish to serve than Vorarlberger Käsknöpfle. If you are already in Vorarlberg, you should definitely devour the delicious local cheeses. The portion of Käsknöpfle with fried onions and potato salad for 13.90 euros will definitely fill you up. Presented in a traditional “Gebse” wooden tub (read more about it here), with the potato salad in a separate bowl. You may already know that people eat cheese spaetzle a little differently in different regions. While the combination of cheese spaetzle / Käsknöpfle with applesauce is also widespread, so is the version with potato salad. If you don’t know it yet, you should definitely try it! Naturally especially, when it is authentic Vorarlberg cheese noodles with crispy fried onions, like at the Ammenegger Stuba above Dornbirn. Good cheese, and in addition the almost endless view to the Karren, the local mountain of Dornbirn, into the valley. And if you’re lucky, you can even spot the Zeppelin NT stationed in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance on its regular sightseeing flights through Vorarlberg, right from the sun terrace.
If you don’t manage to eat the proper portion, no problem, leftovers will of course be packed for you to take home without any problems.

Whether for a full meal, or just a fruity filled Palatschinken Pancakes with vanilla ice cream and coffee in the afternoon, on the way through to/from Bregenz Forest, I can absolutely recommend the Ammenegger Stuba at the Bregenzerwald, and I will certainly not have stopped in here for the last time.

Address Ammenegger Stuba: Ammenegg 1, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria.
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – Sunday, up from 11:00 am
closed on Wednesdays
open kitchen until 20:00 / Sunday and holidays until 18:00
Internet: ammenegger-stuba.at

Ammenegger Stuba Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Ammenegger Stuba Dornbirn Vorarlberg

view from Ammenegger Stuba Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg, Dornbirn

Zeppelin NT in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberger Potato Salad Ammenegger Stuba Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Vorarlberger Käsknöpfle Ammenegger Stuba Dornbirn Vorarlberg


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