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Where to park at Bödele / Bregenz Forest for hikes

Bregenz Forest or Bregenzerwald is a popular area for recreational activities, in beautiful nature. Lush green plains, high-grown trees, and the occasional herd of cows. Not to mention the mountaintops offering stunning views for kilometres, in good weather conditions. If you, too, want to experience the recreational area at Bödele in the Upper Bregenz Forest and are traveling by car, I have summarized the multiple official parking spots near hiking routes below for you. In another post I’m also focussing on how to travel to Bödele/Schwarzenberg by public transport from Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch. For where to hike and route recommendations, check out the Hikes in the Bregenz Forest category.

Where to park your Car in Bregenz Forest, for a visit to hiking routes around Bödele

Even though Bödele is a popular area, parking is free of charge on public areas. As long as you park within official spots 😉

Parkplatz Bödele
This public parking is the biggest one at Bödele and offers parking on level asphalt. It’s situated on the left side, when coming from Dornbirn driving towards Schwarzenberg.
Address: Bödele, Oberlose 545, 6867 Schwarzenberg, Austria on Google Maps 

Wanderparkplatz Bödele
This public parking offers parking on leveled gravel, situated on the right side when driving from Dornbirn towards Schwarzenberg
Address: 6850 Dornbirn, Austria on Google Maps

Streetside Parking at Bödele
Another option to park your car, or motorbike, is streetside parking. In between those above-mentioned parking lots, you will find the possibility to park your vehicle on the right hand side on a designated lane right next to the road.
Address: Bödelestraße 669, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria on Google Maps

Parking near Skilift Bödele
This is a gravel parking lot near the Skilift. More popular in winter, obviously, this parking is another good option if the others might be already too busy.
Address: Weißtanne, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria on Google Maps

Boedele parking streetside
Streetside Parking at Bödele

Map: parking at Bödele in Upper Bregenz Forest (Hinterer Bregenzerwald)

For a quick overview I have concluded all four possibilities for parking in the following individual map on Google Maps. If you are on site in Austria, open this map and activate GPS on your mobile device, to directly navigate yourself to one of those parking spots.

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