Vegan Falafel Wrap & Baked Fries – LEON Heathrow London Airport Restaurant

The falafel wrap by LEON Heathrow at the main London Airport was so delicious, next time I’ll travel extra early to enjoy the wrap once again! Several hours at an airport, what can you do? With access rights to a lounge, you get free food & drinks, can use power outlets, surf the web or work, and of course have a place to sit. If you are “not this privileged”, like most passengers at an airport waiting for a flight, you often have to battle for a seat, or queue for hours for food. Happily not so in my case during the afternoon in Terminal 2 of London’s Heathrow Airport. Only a few people were in line ahead of me, with still a few seats available, too. Jackpot. LEON offers “naturally fast food”, i.e. natural based and quick food. It should be mentioned that LEON is not a purely vegan or even purely vegetarian restaurant/snack bar, you also get meat like chicken or fish. But still, most of the dishes are rather healthy, which is great. Other recommended restaurants in London are Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Patty&Bun or Wasabi.

As an absolute enthusiast of falafel and hummus, the Rainbow Mezze Salad tempted me, but unfortunately, it was not offered at the time of my visit. So I decided spontaneously for the Vegan Falafel Wrap (aka The Vegan Wrapsody) from LEON and as a side dish a portion of Baked Fries including ketchup. The payment was easy and fast by a contactless card and within seconds my order was assembled on a tray. Optionally, you can order the dishes for dining, or to take away in a paper bag. Both the wrap and fries were taken from the pre-prepared “keeping warm shelf” connected to the kitchen and handed to me.

I was a little surprised by the falafel wrap from LEON, by how small it was. Compared to a regular, vegetarian, Dürüm (a Turkish wrap), it was almost tiny. But well, for something under 5 pounds at an airport you just do not get that much more. The big positive surprise was the filling of the wrap. Sweet potato falafel along with toasted pine nuts, arugula, vegan mayonnaise and cranberry sauce joined to create a real taste sensation. Crisp, tangy, sweet and fresh all in a still lukewarm wrap, delightful. The LEON Baked Fries were crispy and well seasoned, both earning my absolute recommendation. The next time I visit one of the many LEON restaurants in England, I have to finally try the Rainbow Mezze Salad with both hummus and falafel.

By the way, the vegan falafel wrap from LEON Heathrow did cost 4.35 pounds, the baked fries including ketchup 2.35 pounds, so together around 7,72€. Check out the official LEON Website for current menu options and prices. Disclaimer: I have visited this Restaurant in April of 2018, products and prices may vary in the meantime – the Falafel Wrap doesn’t seem to be on the Menu anymore, as well as the Rainbow Mezze Salad. The Baked Fries are still available, as well as “Grilled Aubergine” Plant Boxes as well as a LOVe Burger with vegan Patty or Sweetcorn Ribs with Truffle & Cheese as a meat-free snack /side dish.

Adress LEON Heathrow: Terminal 2, Hounslow, TW6 1RR, United Kingdom
Opening hours: daily 7 am – 7 pm

Pictures of my lunch at LEON at Heathrow Airport – Vegan Falafel Wrap and Baked Fries.

Falafel Wrap Baked Fries LEON Heathrow Restaurant Airport
Falafel Wrap at Leon Restaurant at London Heathrow Airport
LEON Heathrow Baked Fries
LEON Baked Fries
LEON Heathrow Vegan Falafel Wrap
LEON Heathrow Vegan Falafel Wrap

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