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FAQ – Alpine Garden Capsule Hotel Zurich

To keep the original Review Article of my overnight stay at the Capsule Hotel at Zurich Airport short, you can now enjoy this separate Article. In the following, some of your possible questions are summarized and answered. So you can already prepare yourself optimally, how your stay in the Alpine Garden will be. Do you have any further questions about your (upcoming) stay at the Alpine Garden Capsule Hotel? Feel free to comment below in the comment field, I will be happy to answer them immediately! For visual impressions, either check out my Room Tour Video below or my short Video on Instagram here: More Images and such can be found in the Couples stay review here: -will be linked shortly-

Your frequently asked questions about Alpine Garden Capsule Hotel answered

Are you really alone in the capsule? What are the rooms like?

There are about a dozen capsules in the rooms, each capsule can be inhabited by one person. The boxes are stacked on top of each other, so you can also book an upper or a lower box in advance. Of course, you share the rooms with others, just like the public areas or the bathrooms, but the box belongs to everyone completely alone.

Are there separate areas for women?

Yes, in the Kapsel Hotel Alpine Garden at Zurich Airport there are two rooms that are only for women. In each of these rooms, there are several capsules, which are all for women only. Of course, the bathrooms are also for women only, and the showers can be locked separately including a small anteroom.

Are there hairdryers in the Alpine Garden capsule hotel?

Yes, there is a mirror in each bathroom with permanently attached hair dryers. Full-grown hairdryers with decent power, no tiny travel hairdryers or the like.

Is there a reception desk?

No, there is no traditional reception desk at Capsule Hotel. Both check-in and check-out take place at touchpad terminals by the guest themselves. If you need help or the WLAN password, please go to the counter in the café area. There is always a staff member there for you, around the clock.

Where can I have breakfast, are there vending machines for drinks?

In the café of the Alpine Garden Capsule Hotel you can enjoy a Swiss breakfast in the morning, or just a coffee or hot drink for on-site or to take away. They also offer plenty of drink and snack options all around the clock.
Alternatively, you can get underground from the hotel to the shopping area of the airport. There are many restaurants and shopping options here if you want something different. (Baker, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Migros,..).

What do I do with my luggage during my stay?

Smaller luggage can be locked in the capsule with you, like bags or backpacks. Alternatively, if you have a lock, place it under the capsule and chain it during your stay. For larger luggage there is a luggage room, ask the staff on-site!

Can I only stay in the capsule during the night or also during the day?

No, you can not only book the capsules overnight. You can also rent your own box during the day. Especially in case of flight delays or a departure/landing at stupid times, it can be more than heavenly to be able to catch up on a few hours of sleep during the day.

Do you need a smartphone to stay at the Capsule Hotel at Zurich Airport?

As a matter of fact, yes. Or at least a tablet to be able to receive emails. If you have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone, you can use a specific app to open and unlock the locks on the rooms and your box. However, this is also possible with a code that you will receive by e-mail. If there is really no mobile device available, the staff on-site will certainly help you more than actively.

Hotel Room Tour Video: Alpine Garden Zürich

If the Video is not properly displayed, check it out directly on YouTube:

* Disclaimer: we have been invited to stay at the newly opened Capsule Hotel Zurich Airport for one night in exchange for coverage, this did not affect my opinion. All other expenses have been paid for on our own.

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