How far is St. Gallen from Lake Constance?

by Lisa
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St. Gallen is both the name of the City of St. Gallen and the Canton of St. Gallen. Located in north-eastern Switzerland St. Gallen it is situated in the German-speaking part of the country. While the Canton, in Swiss language Kanton, the region, touches Lake Constance, the City of St. Gallen is not too close to the big Lake. But how far is St. Gallen really from Lake Constance? The nearest town at Lake Constance, from St. Gallen, is between Rorschach & Horn with 11.5 km.

How to get to Lake Constance from St. Gallen

By Car
Actually, there is not much to keep in mind when travelling between Lake Constance and St. Gallen. But, there is exactly one thing you have to remember: you need to pay when driving on Swiss motorways! The ‘Pickerl’ Sticker is only available per full year (14 months in total) and currently costs 38€ per car.

By Train

By Bus

Transportation on Lake Constance

To travel any further, or just out of pure enjoyment, you can take Ships or Boats on Lake Constance. Or even cross the Lake with a car ferry. After crossing the Lake from Switzerland to Germany, you can even board a Catamaran to travel to the City Constance, again a bordering city to Switzerland with the City of Kreuzlingen. In the past I already wrote more about how to travel on Lake Constance by Boat, Ship, Ferry and Katamaran.

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