The Smartphone App you need when visiting Rome, by a local Travel Blogger

by Lisa
Smartphone App Discover Rome: A modern travel and food guide

Any Trip to Rome is a successful Trip. It is certainly impossible to visit Rome and have a bad time. So much culture, art, friendly people and not to forget amazing culinary delights. Yes, I have lost big parts of my heart to Rome. If you are planning a first-time visit to Rome, or are visiting for a multiple time, there is only Smartphone App you need when visiting Rome: Discover Rome: A modern travel and food guide.

Passionately put together by Rome-based blogger Nathalie from An American in Rome, she added recommendations for Dining, Snacking, Bars but also Sights, Museums, Parks, of course Shopping and not to miss FAQ. To navigate smoothly through the eternal city, all the data and map are available offline.

App Description: Discover Rome: A modern travel and food guide

While guidebooks are heavy and quickly outdated, Discover Rome provides tips on what to see, do and eat in Rome that is constantly updated and available at your fingertips. With easy-to-use offline maps, exploring Rome like a local has never been easier. Discover Rome offers nearly 200 suggestions on Rome’s best monuments, restaurants, street food, bars, shopping and more – all tried and tested by the author behind the popular city blog An American in Rome.

Features include:
· 150+ recommendations of restaurants, shops, sights and museums categorized by interest
· Offline maps for all locations
· Custom text, photos and reviews of all recommendations
· “Favorites” feature to create your own list
· Tips for what to order or see
· Answers to frequently asked questions about what to pack, how to use public transportation, city safety and more

Smartphone App Discover Rome: A modern travel and food guide
Smartphone App Discover Rome: A modern travel and food guide

Currently, the App is priced at $3.99 with a file size of 193 MB (so you need to have at least 200 MB free storage on your smartphone or tablet). You can download it by either searching for the name in the Apple App Store, or click on the following link:

Picture and Description source: Apple iTunes Store

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