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Food Festival eat&Style Stuttgart 2015

eat&Style Stuttgart 2015

eat&Style is the biggest Food-Festival in Germany, popping up each for a few days in mayor Cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. eat&Style Stuttgart is the latest this Year and such a big Foodie-Event is exactly my thing. Eating and tasting all day, discovering new Products, learning new things. Is there any way to spend a day better?

Eat&Style in Stuttgart is not like other Food Festivals with Food Trucks selling their Food and nothing else. Eat&Style is generally a Fair (about Gourmet and Food), but of course with plenty possibilities to eat and try. Mainly German manufactories, Start-Ups and direct producers are showcasing themselves and their products. Be sure to find Products you’ve neither heard about nor seen at your local Supermarket. Such as vegetable Chips, special Gin Creations, fresh Spätzle out of a bag, vegetable peeler or exclusive cheese and many more. As I simply couldn’t try everything I tried just a few things, like the above mentioned Spätzle by frizle. I bought a few of their portions and will share more about them here soon, as they are a signature dish for southern Germany.

And didn’t I mention that you even learn new things at Eat&Style ? Each several times a Day there are Cooking, Baking and Food Workshops offered, that are open for a limited number of people but can be viewed by everyone else as well. So I followed a Workshop by Wolfgang Müller, Chef of the Restaurant Jolesch in Berlin-Kreuzberg, on how to make Kimchi by yourself. Some of you might already know Kimchi, I just learned about at Eat&Style in Stuttgart. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of fermented vegetables with a variety of seasonings. The baking workshop was interesting to follow as well, especially as it was hosted by people I knew from TV.

eat&Style Stuttgart 2015 takes place from November 20th to 22nd at Messe Stuttgart. The Fair is open each from 10 am to 6 pm. The entry fee is 12€ per adult, more can be found here.

Pictures of eat&Style Stuttgart 2015

eat&Style Stuttgart 2015eat&Style Stuttgart 2015

Frizle Spätzle at eat&Style Stuttgart 2015
Frizle Spätzle at eat&Style Stuttgart 2015
Miele Food Workshop
Miele Food Workshop
"Walk of Coffee" at eat&Style Stuttgart 2015
“Walk of Coffee” at eat&Style Stuttgart 2015
eat&Style Stuttgart 2015imageeat&Style Stuttgart 2015
eat&Style Stuttgart 2015
Green Pesto Cheese
eat&Style Stuttgart 2015eat&Style Stuttgart 2015eat&Style Stuttgart 2015Frizle Spätzle at eat&Style Stuttgart 2015


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