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Watch movies on german ICE trains via JOYN Selection for free – Instructions

Streaming/watching a total of over 100 films and series during a journey in an ICE train of Deutsche Bahn is possible in just three simple steps. In addition to important information such as the current punctuality status of the train, useful information on travel tips of passing cities or, as a new feature, on-board entertainment in the form of series and films. Incidentally, Joyn SELECTION has already been available in the German Deutsche Bahn ICEs since April 2020. “Experience first-class series, classic films and blockbusters on your smartphone, tablet or laptop – and completely without an internet connection.”

The procedure to get free entertainment is simple. Connect your device, whether it is a mobile device or a laptop, to the “WIFI@DB” or “WIFIonICE” network. If this doesn’t work for you straight away, I have already explained here what you can do if you can’t connect to the Deutsche Bahn WiFi. As soon as you have confirmed the terms of use and are “online” in the wireless network of the train, open the following website in your internet browser: (alternatively, Joyn is also linked via the welcome homepage, the ICE portal, as soon as you have connected to the WLAN in the ICE train – but if you do not find this link, simply use the direct link linked here above). The website will now automatically recognise that you are on an ICE train, and you can access over 100 films, series, originals and exclusives and the blockbuster of the month from Joyn for free and without signing up for an account first. Afterwards, you don’t have to log out or anything like that, as soon as you have unconnected yourself from the ICE WLAN, the function is no longer active.

If it doesn’t work for you and you are in an Inter City Express and definitely not in an Inter City, Euro City or regional train, you can contact the service team regarding the Joyn SELECTION functionality in the ICE via the following e-mail address: db @service. Enjoy an entertaining train journey with series and movies in german! And don’t forget to cover your mouth as well as your nose with your medical mouth-nose-covering. Don’t designate it as a chin rest or a snot fold if it’s only above/below the chin or nose. 😉 You might also be interested in the Menu onboard Deutsche Bahn Trains in Germany (ICE Bordgastronomie / dining car).

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