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Captivating illuminations at Glanzlichter Stuttgart 2021

My visit to Glanzlichter Stuttgart 2021 has been so special. What makes the pre-Christmas time a hundred times more merry and delightful? Of course all the flickering and glittering lights. Especially if they have been set in the scene and fit their environment. For enthusiasts of captivating illuminations, it is highly recommended to visit Stuttgart this December. Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Württemberg is anyway a great destination for any travel during any season. However, during winter it’s especially noteworthy. Glanzlichter Stuttgart takes place yet again and is a great show since its first inaugural year.

my visit to Glanzlichter Stuttgart

Glanzlichter Stuttgart is, by my own surprise, actually no invention due to the worldwide Coronacirus pandemic. This light festival already took place some years before for the first time. However, one might think this is a type of replacement event due to the, yet again, cancelled Stuttgart Christmas Market. No, it is a great institution in the city of Stuttgart by now, displaying the main attractions of the area in one spot. And how beautifully those attractions are exhibited. All lights are LED and powered with 100 % green electricity from the Stadtwerke Stuttgart. Make sure to visit the website of Stuttgart Tourism to learn more about what to visit and the current highlights,

Glanzlichter is free of charge for everyone to visit and enjoy, with regular music-light-shows usually every full hour. Please respect the recommendations of at least 1.5 metres distance to others, and stay healthy and safe. For the sake of yourself, your loved ones and others as well.

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Glanzlichter Stuttgart – where is it?

Glanzlichter Stuttgart takes place at Königstrasse, one of the main shopping streets in the heart of the city starting at its main train station Hauptbahnhof. There you can find, especially trees, beautifully illuminated. The main thing however takes place at Schlossplatz, the Palace Square not too far Markthalle. Nearby Palace Square you will also find a few booths offering Christmas delights you might usually find at proper german Christmas markets, such as sugary sweets, hot chestnuts or hot mulled wine at a restaurant.

You can find the light installations on Palace Square until 28th December 2021, daily in action from 3 pm to 9 pm as well as the Illuminations in Königstraße even until January 6th 2022, daily from 3 pm to midnight.

What is shown at Glanzlichter?

As mentioned already above, Glanzlichter Stuttgart does not only charmingly illuminate the shopping street Königstrasse but also display the main highlights of Stuttgart. For tourists, and its inhabitants no less. The illuminated objects are the logo of Stuttgart, the Stuttgarter Rössle, a Mercedes-Benz SL with its opened doors by Mercedes-Benz Museum, a Porsche by Porsche Museum, as well as the Television Tower of Stuttgart, an elephant for Wilhelma, as well as objects for “Royal Moments” with the Royal Burial Chapel, the Stuttgart Beer Festival also known as Wasen as well as Stuttgart Wine Festival. With the latter two events, mostly inhabitants of the city miss deeply.

Glanzlichter Stuttgart and Christmas Booths at Palace Square
Glanzlichter Stuttgart and Christmas Booths at Palace Square

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