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“Instagram Me” Gong Hamburg Takeaway Sushi

Takeaway sushi platters that taste as delicious as they look great. This is what you get at Restaurant Gong in Hamburg. In the upscale Rotherbaum district of Eimsbüttel, the sushi restaurant is located directly on Mittelweg Street, just a short walk from the banks of the Outer Alster Lake. What’s special about this sushi restaurant in Hamburg? Gong offers an all-you-can-eat sushi deal, where the sushi is prepared to order and brought to the table. Ordered with tablets, in a classy ambience, without the hustle and bustle of having to catch the food off the little plates from mobile food conveyors. The long wait for a special sushi to appear on the conveyor belt is stressful… Gong Sushi Hamburg offers a more relaxed and chic experience, currently for less than 30 euros per person.

Sushi restaurant in Hamburg, to eat on location and take away food

Due to the current Corona protection regulations, however, the space available at Gong in Hamburg is very limited. If you don’t book early to take advantage of the unique all-you-can-eat sushi per tablet offer, you’ll have to order your sushi to go. But here’s the kicker: if you book in advance by phone, you can order the sushi in returnable or disposable containers. With returnable containers, it costs an extra 10 Euros per plate and is served on plates that are visually more beautiful than disposable dishes.
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For an evening of take-away sushi for two in Hamburg, we opted for the “B5 Instagram Me Box” at 64.90 Euros. Since there was no large box available, the Sushi was served on two plates for a total deposit of €20. This large box contains 8 Flemmed Cheesy Salmon Rolls, 8 Creamy Salmon Avocado Rolls, 8 Rainbow Rolls, 10 Big Rolls, 8 Veggie Inside Out Plates and 8 Veggie Inside Out Plates. “Veggie Inside Out, 8 Avocado Maki, 2 Salmon Nigiri, 2 Creamy Salmon Nigiri, 2 Avocado Nigiri and 1 Edamame, 1 Wakame and 1 Kimchi. A good selection of Japanese-inspired delicacies. Plus W2, 8 baked gyoza (vegetarian) with wasabi mayonnaise and sweet and sour chilli sauce with salad.

Edamame, Wakame and Kimchi
Edamame, Wakame and Kimchi

Conclusion / Experience Report: Takeaway Sushi from Gong Hamburg

In short: the takeaway sushi from Gong Hamburg was phenomenally good! The quality of each individual roll was excellent, and the amount of extra soy sauce (in small glass bottles) was also more than sufficient. My absolute favourites were the “Big Roll“, the “creamy salmon avocado roll” as well as the “creamy salmon nigiri. The edamame, seaweed salad and kimchi were also excellent. You have to like both salmon and avocado, but if you do, the “Instagram me Box” is a culinary highlight. Am I thinking of travelling to Hamburg again soon, just to eat sushi in Hamburg? Possibly… This time eaten the “to go” / “for takeaway” sushi at the neighbouring The Fontenay Hotel Hamburg.
However, it is a great pity that each picture of a sushi box shows 2 x Inari Sushi, but this is not stated in the text. Such delicious sushi in “tofu pockets”, and then not available.

Sushi Restaurant GONG Hamburg
Address: Mittelweg 172, 20148 Hamburg
Opening hours (current): Friday – Sunday: 17:00 – 23:00
Pre-order to pick up: Fri – Sun from 16:30

Pictures: Sushi from “Gong Hamburg” for takeaway

baked gyoza with wasabi mayonnaise and sweet and sour chilli sauce
baked gyoza with wasabi mayonnaise and sweet and sour chilli sauce from GONG Hamburg
Gong Sushi Hamburg Hotel The fontenay blog joydellavita
Sushi at the Hotel, The Fontenay Hamburg

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