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Veggie Burger at Hans im Glück Stuttgart

Where you can find a good Vegan or Veggie Burger? At Hans im Glück in Stuttgart! Hans im Glück is a German restaurant chain for Burger with stores in Munich, Dusseldorf, and a few more. They are focussed on natural and good quality products. Hans im Glück is located at 3 destinations in Stuttgart, one of them is at the Shopping Center Milaneo near the Main Train Station.

Their menu offers a wide range of ‘pure beef’ and Chickenburger, as well as 3 Vegan and 7 Veggie Burgers. I went for the Wurzelsepp with an afternoon menu. The Burger, with a walnut patty, hay milk cheese, nuts and sprouts, costs 8€ and for 5€ more you get a drink (water, ice-tea, soft drink), either a salad or fries and a hot beverage like an Espresso afterwards. Already on paper, this sounds like a reasonable deal for a Veggie Burger Menu in Stuttgart, but is it really that good?

Yes, Hans im Glück is definitely recommendable. Their restaurant at Milano in Stuttgart offers many seats outside and for sure some inside as well. The design is very natural and nature-based with wood and trees inside. When I went to eat the Wurzelsepp Veggie Burger at 2 pm the whole thing was booming. Totally unexpected the sun was shining like it was summer, with 20 degrees, so everyone wanted to sit outside at Hans im Glück at the Milaneo Shopping Center, in November. Due to this, and as it was full inside as well, everything took a bit longer. For my drink I already had to wait 15 minutes and for my Burger 50 minutes (!!). And I was starving… When I ordered the waiter forecasted about 25 minutes so it was okay for me to wait, but 50 was definitely too long. But then, as the Burger arrived, I shot these few pictures and immediately tried it. And how was the Wurzelsepp good! With almost every bite I had some crunchy walnuts and the fresh sprouts. On every table, you find four different sauces, that fitted the crispy fries perfectly.

If you have a schedule for the day, I would not recommend visiting Hans im Glück, rather when you have some free time ahead. What I didn’t get was why I had to pay 1€ extra for the Cappuccino I ordered as the included ‘hot beverage’. Maybe because of the milk, but I’d like to be informed about things that cost extra even though they are (somehow) included… Overall I can recommend Hans im Glück for delicious Veggie Burgers in Stuttgart!

Hans im Glück at Milaneo in Stuttgart

Address: Mailänderplatz 7, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 711 30006718

pictures of my Wurzelsepp Burger at Hans im Glück at Milaneo in Stuttgart

Hans im Glück at Milaneo Suttgart
Hans im Glück at Milaneo Suttgart
Hans im Glück "Wurzelsepp" Burger
Hans im Glück “Wurzelsepp” Burger Menu with a Drink, Fries and Cappuccino for 14 €.
Hans im Glück Wurzelsepp Burger
Hans im Glück “Wurzelsepp” Burger

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