Dinner at Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald

Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg

The Hirschen in Schwarzenberg, a culinary idyll known far beyond the borders of the region. If you ask locals for a place to have a good dinner in the Bregenzerwald, they will probably always recommend the Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg. The Hotel Hirschen has existed since 1755, and is younger than ever after the post-lockdown closure at the end of May 2021. In the exquisite restaurant, 12 dishes are offered daily. You can taste your way through these, as smaller portions, or order a larger portion of a single dish. With curated culinary, the Hirschen itself describes its own restaurant, and the description could not be more accurate. This is the motto under which dishes have been offered at Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg since 21 May 2021. I myself visited the restaurant on May 28th of 2021. You might also want to check out all my other blogposts about Schwarzenberg or the region of Vorarlberg in western Austria.

a special dinner at the Hirschen in Schwarzenberg

Especially in summer, it is advisable to book a table in advance, either by phone or via the booking tool on the Hirschen website. Dinner was served in two stages at the time of my visit, and the table can then be used for two hours. The reservation for my table worked smoothly, and full of anticipation I arrived on time at the Hotel Restaurant Hirschen in the heart of Schwarzenberg. Upon entering the almost 300-year-old house (built in 1755), you immediately feel at home thanks to the charming interior design. Old, but in top condition. Almost as if you were walking into your great-grandmother’s cosy cottage, with all kinds of memories of earlier times. And soon you are already asked to take your seat for the evening.

“Curated culinary” in the Bregenzerwald

Modern, yet down-to-earth. This is also how you could describe the culinary offerings at Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in Schwarzenberg. Local classics are represented on the menu, with modern as well as international influences. And, always with a focus on regionality, which is also a guarantee for quality. And you can taste that in the curated culinary delights at the Hirschen. Just one click takes you to the current menu: here (unfortunately only available in German).

My dinner at Hirschen was a 4-course menu with a glass of wine. As the menu changes weekly, the following dishes are mainly to be understood as examples of the culinary offer. First, I started with the “Hirschengedeck“. This small starter platter consisted of “sourdough bread, spread, pickled vegetables and butter” for € 3. Next I chose a classic, the “Käsespätzlegedeck“, consisting of “mini cheese spaetzle, fried onion, pear schnapps” for € 8.50. Then a dish for € 8 called “Spinach, wheat, sesame” and finally “Nachos, mountain cheese, BBQ sauce” for € 10 as a cheesy end to the casual fine dining dinner. All in all, my self-composed 4-course menu did cost € 29.50. Absolutely fair for what you receive, the service, taste and quality of products!
All dishes were small dishes, for an extra €6 each you get a classic large portion. 4 – 6 of the small dishes from the Gasthaus Restaurant Hirschen in Schwarzenberg are recommended per person.

Test Conclusion of my dinner at the Hirschen in Bregenzerwald

I was able to experience an absolute feel-good meal at the Hotel Gasthof Hirschen in the Bregenzerwald. From the super friendly and attentive but not too intrusive service, to the selection of dishes in general, as well as the quality and excellent taste.
I can only conclude my experience report on the Hirschen with a 1 with a star. Absolutely recommendable, in every aspect. I will definitely be back, possibly even with an overnight stay to enjoy the delicious sounding breakfast as well as bistro at the Hirschen in Schwarzenberg.

Hotel Gasthof Hirschen
Address: Hof 14, 6867 Schwarzenberg, Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg, Austria
Opening Hours: Open daily in July and August! – Closing time at 24 h
A la Carte – Sat 12 to 2 pm, last order 1:30 pm and Tue to Sat from 18 to 21 hrs, last order at 20:30 pm / bar service until 11 pm
Daytime Bistro – Tue to Fri 1 to 5 pm, Sat 2 to 5 pm
Breakfast – daily 7:30 to 11 am
Website: in English hotel-hirschen-bregenzerwald.at/en/curated-culinary/ and in German hotel-hirschen-bregenzerwald.at/kuratierte-kulinarik/
Social: Instagram & YouTube

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