Bologna Airport Express Bus between Bologna train station and the airport – Experience Report

Bologna Airport Express Bus BLQ at Bologna train station stop

There are several ways to get from Bologna Airport to downtown Bologna. The best option in terms of time and money is the Bologna Airport Express Bus “BLQ”. Or was. The BLQ has not been offered for some time now. I had already prescribed this contribution a long time ago, just never published it. Maybe this really great service will be introduced again, so this post should either be online for then, or remind you of the good old days when there was an express bus between Bologna Airport and Bologna Train Station.
This Bologna Airport Express Bus service runs (ran…) daily from 5 a.m. between Bologna Central Station and Bologna Airport. The bus runs a continuous circuit, which is why it stops at different points on the journey from the airport to the train station than on the journey back to the airport. However, depending on the traffic, it takes about half an hour to get to the other end of the tour. And that for a price of only 6 € per person – an absolute recommendation!

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Ticket Sales Points of the Bologna Airport Express Bus

It is important to note that tickets are not sold on the bus! There are about half a dozen ticket machines at the airport, or, what is more recommendable, you can buy the tickets for the Bologna Airport Bus online in advance. There is no difference in price whether you book the return journey at the same time, on the spot or online. If you buy online, you need a credit card and as soon as the purchase has been successfully completed, you will receive an e-mail for each ticket and journey. This contains a QR code that is scanned by the bus driver when you board the bus. So practical, so simple. And your holiday/trip to Bologna can start comfortably and relaxed.

Bologna Airport Bus Timetable

By the way, the buses from the train station and the airport leave every 11 minutes. There is no direct timetable (there is a bus every 11 minutes, depending on the traffic situation), so it is best to plan a little more time and if you miss one, the next airport/train station bus will arrive in just a few minutes.

Marconi Express

The new system is called Marconi Express and is a fast train service connecting Bologna Airport and the city centre, Bologna Train Station, in just 7 minutes. Further information can be found here: marconiexpress.it

Bologna Airport Express Bus BLQ at Bologna train station stop
Bologna Airport Express Bus BLQ at Bologna train station stop


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