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Why now is the best time for Holidays on one of France’s coasts

If you hear someone excitingly claming they are going on a beach Holiday to France, it’s usually one specific destination. The Cote d’Azure. A truly stunning region, with the deepest blues, both in the skies and waters, which inspired many artists such as Chagall or Van Gogh. The light of the sun simply hits different in this area. You will definitely enjoy a stunning vacation in France! But no matter on which French coast you decide on for your next trip, a few basic language skills should be mandatory. In a previous blogpost I have written about How to learn basic French online for free in no time for your next holiday.

Beach Holidays in France, besides the south of France / Cote d’Azure

However, as popular and exclusive as the Cote d’Azure, with its famous cities Nice or St. Tropez is, its also very expensive. Be prepared to spend too many bucks on a simple coffee in a good location. However, Croissants are tasty everywhere in France! If you want to enjoy a beach holiday in France, I have examples for three other coasts in France. To save you some bucks, but still guarantee a great holiday in France!

Holiday at France’s Mediterranean coast

The mediterranean definitely is a popular holiday destination. No matter if in Italy, Spain or France. Especially France offers holidaymakers a good infrastructure of hotels, vacation club areas, museums, restaurants and activities. A great tip if you want to enjoy the benefits of a popular holiday destionation, but want to save on accomodation prices, its recommended to stay in a smaller city nearby, and always go on day trips to the city. Just book an accommodation in Cap d’Agde, a beautiful seaside resort, and use it as a hub destionation fo several excursions. Within just around 30 minutes you can easily reach Béziers, or Montpellier in less than 1 hour, by car.

Holiday at France’s Atlantic coast

Another popular french coast is France’s Atlantic coast. Stretching for kilometres, the western part of France has its own perks. One of them, the wine. Let me tell you about the french wine! Bordeaux is worldwide known to be a leading capital regarding excuisite cuisine. Another very well-liked city on France’s Atlantic coast is Biarritz. Definitely posh, but the City offers a lot. Just as at the mediterranean coast, its is a great plan to stay in a Hossegor hotel, have an agile rental car, and zip around stunnig scenery the 30 km to Biarritz.

Holiday at France’s Norman coast

Not quite a typical area for beach holiday is France’s Norman coast. Situated at the English Channel, Normandy is a historically very distinctive region of France. War, D-Day, all this marked the coastal cities, but how does this fit with a relaxing vacation. Very good actually, as the towns are smaller and more authentic. A few nice Restaurants, a public beach, what else does one need for a relaxing holiday. Recommended cities are Deauville, Trouville and Le Havre.

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