How to travel from Bologna to Imola by train (to Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit)

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The easiest way to travel from Bologna to Imola is by train. Whether for a visit to the picturesque old town (and delicious Tiramisu Gelato) or the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari with an attached museum and several memorials such as the one for Roland Ratzenberger or the more famous one for racing-legend Ayrton Senna. Travelling by train in Italy is convenient and straightforward, and I will forever mention this over and over again. So, why not take the train for a half-day excursion from Bologna?

Travel by regional train between Imola and Bologna

Both the regional trains from Bologna or Faenza, as well as intercity trains to Rimini, Ancona or Genoa stop at Imola train station. The usual travel time between Bologna and Imola is just 29 minutes. Trains run several times an hour from morning to night, so if you miss one you can comfortably wait for the next one. Tickets for the train journey from Bologna to Imola and back can either be bought on-site at the train station (at the red self-service Trenitalia ticket machines) or even more conveniently via the Trenitalia Smartphone App. The “electronic regional train ticket” is sent to you immediately after you have successfully made the purchase, including the invoice and a calendar entry. The price for a single journey in the second class is 3,85 euros, 6,40 euros in the first class. More than acceptable prices for an almost half-hour train ride!

Current timetables on how to travel from Bologna to Imola can be obtained directly via Trenitalia on trenitalia.com/en, as well as via their smartphone apps for Android and iOS (super recommended to download beforehand for upcoming trips, as you are always informed of any possible delays or track changes). Another Tip: You need these apps to travel by train in Italy.

Once you have arrived at Imola Stazione train station, you will reach the city within just a few minutes by foot. The main attraction, the racing track and pilgrimage site for automotive and motorsports enthusiasts, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, can be reached after a 2.3 km or 30-minute walk. Just leave the station towards the city centre and keep on walking in the same straight direction.


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