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Have you ever shared the joy of watching a scammer getting scammed himself? The absolute pride of Schadenfreude, when the “bad people” receive a similar dis-service they serve to others. One of the most widespread scams are telephone scams. The variety goes far above the typical “hello, this is a friend of your grandchild, she/he just had an accident, can you send money immediately? please use my bank account so I can take care of her/him and the hospital costs…”. Scammers definitely know what they are doing, and, unfortunately, they succeed way too often. But Kitboga is a brake block in their way to success. And having followed his streams and videos for some time, he as definitely crushed some careers and steered the careers of some scammers into other directions.

Who doesn’t love a good new recommendation for what to watch? After having launched the “listen to this” recommendation topic some time ago, it’s time to also recommend things to watch to you. The premise will be its public availability, or on widely available platforms.

Watch this – Kitboga the master scammer scammer

Kitboga is the public name of a non-disclosed computer expert based in the US. Not more information on him is available, which is only to protect him and his “business”. His business is the following: he sets up a camera and microphone, and calls scammers. He streams those calls and interactions daily and through ads he earns his income. Based on his stats of more than 316 million views on YouTube alone, a very good income.

He calls either fake Computer Software Hotline Scams, for fake banks, fake insurances, US social security scams or whatever. Unfortunately, the list of possible scams are endless. Often they transfer real money from your own bank account to theirs, or you have to buy gift vouchers for them “in return” for lets call it “their services”. You will definitely have to watch a few of his streams or videos to get a feeling for how such a scam call works.

Having this information on his a scam call works can definitely help yourself (and your relatives) to identification such a call to hang up on time! It might save you hundreds to thousands of dollars/euros!

If you can’t stand swearing and “bad language”, the video and live streams of Kitboga might not be your thing. As, usually not he is the one swearing, but the scammers get really really angry once he outwitted them. Oh, it’s such a joy to watch this!

How to watch Kitboga online

Kitboga YouTube Channel:
Kitboga Twitch Channel:
Kitboga Instagram (for short videos): @kitbogashow
Kitboga Twitter: @Kitboga

Video: “The Craziest Scammer I’ve Ever Called

Video: “Scammer Lost His Mind After Failed SYSKEY”

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