Botanical Garden Pisa – retreat and educational park near the leaning tower


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Whenever you visit Pisa, a visit should be on the agenda. The botanical garden Pisa was the ideal place for a relaxed start to the day. With a delicious breakfast consisting of a vanilla croissant and a perfect cappuccino in hand, we went to the park shortly after opening. This oasis is not far from the Leaning Tower. Compared to Florence, Pisa is more relaxed anyway. The small alleys with the pretty arcades, the little shops and the whole life takes place on the street and on the terraces of the numerous restaurants and bars. But sometimes it can get pretty busy, so a place of tranquillity can help recharge your batteries.

The Botanical Garden Pisa

The Pisa Botanical Garden was founded in 1543 at the instigation of the local doctor and botanist Luca Ghini. According to the date of its foundation, it is the oldest botanical garden of a university in the world. However, as it is no longer on the original site, this rank now belongs to the botanical garden of Padua. Nevertheless, the botanical garden Pisa is worth every visit, after all it is the first botanical garden of a university! A multitude of international and national plants and herbs invite you to discover and marvel at them.
As a visitor, you can just stroll through the pebble paths of the garden, take a photo or two, or, equipped with a book and refreshments, enjoy the park with its good air for several hours.
Admission to the Orto Botanic Pisa is 4 euros for adults, but there are numerous exceptions for free entry. Click on the website below for more information directly from the botanical garden in Pisa. Read on for more tips on what to do in the city and how to get around: Pisa Travel Archive.

Pisa Botanical Garden
Address: Via Luca Ghini 13 / Via Roma 56, Pisa, Italy
Opening hours: from 8:30 am until seasonal end of day between 5 pm and 9 pm (check website!)
SocialInstagram @ortobotanicopisa

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