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Coffee & Cake Round Trip on Lake Constance with the Ferry Romanshorn – Friedrichshafen

A coffee & cake cruise on Lake Constance is an ideal addition to a day trip or short holiday in southern Germany. If you visit a diverse region like Lake Constance, you will have time problems. There is so much to experience and discover, but time is often far too short. It’s best to combine a few activities together to get the most out of your time at Lake Constance. When you are at the lake, you should make use of this. Whether you want to experience the lake at close quarters in a small pedal boat or in a large course boat. There are sometimes considerable differences in price, also in terms of comfort and how many other people you share the experience with. This activity will definitely be of great interest for you!

Gourmet pleasure cruises on Lake Constance

The Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe BSB have a number of culinary gourmet pleasure cruises in their programme. Here, two pleasant experiences are combined, the enjoyment of delicious food and the experience of a boat trip on the wonderful Lake Constance. The enjoyable cruises on Lake Constance take place regularly around the year. Either themed like an Easter brunch from the ports of Meersburg and Constance, Italian pleasure evenings from Radolfzell, wine tasting with cheese from Überlingen or goose feast with an evening cruise from Constance. The entire selection of culinary cruises is available on this website (in German only): However, these cruises are operated on scheduled ships of the Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe BSB. There are also separate trips on the car ferry between Romanshorn and Friedrichshafen, which is also operated by BSB.
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Coffee and cake round trip on the car ferry between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn

The gastronomic offer on the car ferry is somewhat different from that on the tourist ships of the “white fleet”. Passengers on the ferry can take a seat on the first floor of the 2-storey ferry in the (heated) interior area and enjoy culinary delights. And enjoy a round trip of almost 2 hours on Lake Constance. Between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn is the longest distance on the lake, of around 14 kilometres. The ferry departs every hour, so the round trip takes about 100 minutes. This is an ideal duration if you want to combine several activities on Lake Constance on a day trip or weekend excursion. You can enjoy Lake Constance, eat cake and drink coffee, and you haven’t even wasted two hours and still have plenty of time for more.
In Friedrichshafen there is the Zeppelin Museum right on the car quay at the harbour railway station, which is really recommendable, and in Romanshorn there is the Autobau Museum just a short walk from the harbour or the train to St. Gallen.

During my round trip, we only got to our coffee and cake halfway through the journey, as I was told by phone that the corresponding ticket of 15 euros for the round trip and coffee and cake should be bought from the cashier on the ferry. As the ferry was quite busy, he came to us relatively late. However, cake was fortunately still available and we were able to enjoy it in the port of Romanshorn. Despite this initial huge annoyance about the delay in getting the tickets, it was a nice excursion.
Tip: tickets for the round trips can also be purchased ashore at the ticket office, and should be if you want to avoid queuing on the ferry and missing out on sightseeing time.
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