Launch of a new Category: (Travel) Blogger 101

Launch of a new Category: (Travel) Blogger 101


So, what is (Travel) Blogger 101 you might ask? In this new category, I will share ‘all behind the scenes’, advice and more about the general Business of Blogging. Blogging since January 1st, 2011 I have experienced a lot in the Blogging World, and luckily was one of the first to start such an online web presence. In the future, I will irregularly post Articles in this new category, often with a Video for a better explanation. Some topics will be ‘best Cameras for Travel Bloggers‘, ‘what platform to use as a newbie blogger‘, ‘how to earn money with blogging as a blogger/influencer‘, ‘is it recommended to only use Instagram as a Blogger, without no real Blog/website?‘, ‘how much of my private life do I need as a blogger?‘, ‘How to become a Travel Blogger?‘, ‘Are fashion bloggers the better/lazier bloggers?‘, ‘how to apply for a press trip as a travel blogger‘, ‘attending a press event for the first time‘/’attending a press trip for the first time‘, ‘why disclosure is important as a blogger‘ and more.

Are you missing a Topic, about Blogging? Do you have a Question you eagerly want to have an answer to? Write a comment below and I’ll write a blogpost just for you!


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  • Looking forward to these posts!

  • I’m so looking forward to this! I love watching educational videos!

  • Good Lisa I always wanted to know it!

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