My London uberPOOL Experience + Discount Codes

uberPOOL lets you share your Uber ride with a total stranger, in exchange for paying less than the usual uberX fee. I discovered uberPOOL during my recent visit to London and straight took advantage of it. As my Plane to London Heathrow was delayed, and it was already shortly before 11pm, I used my smartphone to book an Uber for my Transport to Ibis budget Hounslow near Heathrow Airport. Read here my London uberPOOL Experience and take advantage of the Discount Codes I have for you!

How uberPOOL in London works

uberPOOL is relatively new to the Uber world. Previously I used the standard uberX in Amsterdam, uberBLACK Milan, or uberX again in Vienna. Every time it works like this: you open the Uber App on your smartphone, enable GPS to fetch your location, and optionally type your go-to destination in and hit the order button. Now you can see your driver’s location on your phone until he arrives at your destination. You jump in the Car, drive off, and arrive at your destination. You alone, or the people you are already with, like friends, business partners, or family. But that’s the previous concept. For an optimized utilization there is now uberPOOL available, in London. It allows you to share your ride with a stranger, but as a benefit, you have to pay less than usual. Instead of about £24 I only had to pay £12,59 for the ride from the Airport to my Hotel in Hounslow – bingo. The following Picture by Uber itself perfectly explains the concept of shared rides. Instead of two drivers driving around only two individual people there is now one driving two people with destinations in the same direction. Of this, fewer Cars are driving (and causing traffic) and more available cars around. Win-Win for everyone!

uberPOOL - Combining the Rides of two individual People
uberPOOL – Combining the Rides of two individual People

uberPOOL Discount Codes

Yes, you read right, there I have Discount CodeS for you, two codes for reduced rides! The first one gives you a 10€/£10 discount on your ride, and the other one offers you a shared ride for £5.

For the big discount code that works with every Uber, use DR6ZFUE. For uberPOOL only use POOLFIVE

Finding your uberPOOL or uberX Driver at London Heathrow Terminal 2

Finding my Uber driver was actually the most difficult part of my London UberPOOL experience. After arriving at Terminal 2, and leaving the Terminal after passing border controls, you have to leave the building and enter the big car park right opposite. As Uber drivers are not allowed to park in the regular spots for Taxis or Shuttles you have to walk a bit and be fast. If you do not arrive at your uberPOOL Driver and Car within 2 minutes the ride gets canceled, and you have to call a new driver. Sad but true. You find the Uber drivers at Heathrow Terminal 2 on the same level in area E. When you leave the first building, and walk over to the car park, it’s best if you walk a little left and continue walking left to the elevators. The letters can be found all over, and as mentioned before, you have to walk a little until you arrive at E. If the driver has to wait too long he has to pay a fee to leave the car park again, so, better be fast or book the driver once you are there/can see where E is.

uberPOOL London Heathrow Experience JoyDellaVita Travel Blog
Ordering uberPOOL at London Heathrow Terminal 2

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