Recipe: Künefe turkish sweet cheese for dessert


Künefe is a turkish sweet cheese that I enjoyed for dessert in Antalya at the Turkish Riviera during my recent Trip. Although Künefe is high in calories it’s so addictive, if you can’t buy it at any Shop close you should definitely consider trying this Recipe for Künefe! This turkish dessert is basically pretty similar to baked cheeses like camembert, but it’s absolutely sweet and usually topped with pistachios. If you want to try Künefe without the Recipe you can order it of course online as well.

Ingredients: Künefe turkish sweet cheese for dessert

  • 165 g sugar
  • 100 ml water
  • some zest and a sprinkle of fresh lemon juice
  • 100 g butter (room temperature)
  • 100 g Kadayif strings (buy it on Amazon)
  • 75 g Hatay Cheese

How to prepare the turkish sweet cheese Künefe

First you have to prepare the sugar syrup as it has to chill down to room temperature again. Mix 165g sugar, 100ml water and each a little bit of lemon zest and juice in a Pot and stir until it boils. Take care as it’s very hot in case the bubbling syrup touches your skin. Set the Syrup aside to cool down, eventually stir it now and then to prevent thickening.

To go ahead you first have to use half of the soft Butter and rub the Künefe Pan generously with it. Place now half of the Kadayif Strings right on top of the butter and press it flat to create a solid and closed layer. Now layer the Hatay Soft Cheese evenly on top, make sure to leave some space for the Kadayif strings all around for a nice crust.
With each one layer you have to heat the Künefe Pan on a low flame until it slowly becomes brown. Now that it’s crispy you have to flip it around. But before you have to rub the plate again with butter, so it’s recommended to use a second flat plate to store the half-baked Künefe before turning it around. Bake the other side again for some minutes until the Künefe is golden brown on both sides. Take it now off the low heat and flush the Pan witht he earlier prepared sugar syrup.

Before serving warm or at room temperature, and enjoying, sprinkle it with some finely chopped pistachio.

Künefe turkish sweet cheese Antalya
Künefe turkish sweet cheese

Photo taken from my Restaurant Review of a Kebap House in Antalya


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