myOffer Experience: Lufthansa Upgrade Cash Offer

You don’t want to be stuck in Economy Class? Then myOffer by Lufthansa might be an option for you. It’s not a totally new thing, but you can pay Lufthansa (extra) money for a class upgrade. Depending on your booking class, this might be an option, or not. First of all, you need a valid ticket, of course, and instead of changing your ticket completely to another new ticket for a better class (business instead of economy class) you can simply make Lufthansa a cash offer for a nicer seat. So far, I tried this Cash Upgrade possibility once, so my personal myOffer Experience might differ from yours. If you have already tried myOffer by Lufthansa, please share your experience below, I’d love to hear about it!!

Business Class Benefits

Your Business Class Upgrade at your price. Make an offer to fly in a higher cabin class to enjoy all its comfort & services! Enjoy the benefits of Business Class:
The use of the priority lanes at security, provided that they exist at the airport in question
The use of the Lufthansa Business Lounge at your departure airport
Priority boarding when boarding is via a passenger boarding bridge
A seat in the front rows of the aircraft with the seat next to you guaranteed to be empty
A full meal and a wide choice of beverages
A selection of newspapers and magazines
One additional piece of carry-on baggage, baggage allowance of business class
Higher mileage credit within the Miles & More frequent flyer program

How myOffer works: How to offer Lufthansa Cash for a Business Class Upgrade

My personal Lufthansa MyOffer Experience

So, will I ever make use of Lufthansa MyOffer? For short international flights in Europe definitely not, maybe for inter-continental ones but also not for sure. If the offer is just declined or accepted less than 24 hours before the flight you will not be able to order a different menu, which would be my main factor to upgrade, it just does not make sense to me therefore. So, long story short, no, probably not.

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